Family Matter Lyrics by 1 Beat Off

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Family Matter Lyrics
I put my shoes on then I'm out the door
I think your just another whore
But i don't care this time
I wait a minute then I start to think
I turn around and I start to sink
In what I'm meddling in
The bathroom smells like shit
I know your sick of it
Why don't you call the plumber
Christmas decorations are still on
I know they're nice but come on
Its half way through the summer
I can't believe this mess
You know I must confess
Direct me to the phone
And all I can see
Is a tower of dreams
And real love bursting out of every
Seems to me sometimes when I am hiding in my mind
That I am stuck here and there's no way out of the mess
That I'm in and i'm fine within
I'm falling now

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