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Tin Soldiers Lyrics

Like Tin Soldiers
like Tin Soldiers
there fallin down
falin down

it feels like yesterday when i...joined the army coz i ad nuffin going for me

and now im regrettin it so much
with all that hippocracy they didnt show it to me

and i dont mind serving my nation
but all i see is that were the invasion

are we blind coz we aint gona find
what they said were guna find i jus read between the lines

we got a job and its not even our beef
i hear voices everytime i try sleep

it doesnt make sense sleepin in tense
loosin friends everytime im deep in the trench

and one thing we need to ask bush
is where was he last week when we all got ambushed

all right thats enough for the sorrow
i hope im still here so i can write about tomorrow


same as first

it's been the fifth day we've been pinned down
and already were twenty five men down

and i dont no why im such a part of this
i dont have that type of blood inside my artery's

do you no how many troops must have died and
how much proofs just been brushed aside

i feel like this wars unjustified
will we survive uh im'a let bush decide

last night nine hour fight
sun went down but the sky stayed bright i...

help my crucifix so tight
and the pictur of my kid with my beautiful wife (i love you)

and i dont wana be no veteran
but were the last few left of the regiment

were fightin in a war that might never end
who do we blame you mr presidant!!!


same as first

after today we'll neva win
this has been the worst that it's ever bin

im'a get his head in it
you shoulda seen the red carpet of blood we were treading in

the stress will continue if u lettin it
the warsyndrome started setting in

i hold my fone n my jacket will i pray
my dreams are gettin worse now they happen in the day

i feel ive been conned into war
were mocking everybody whats wrong with this world

there they go again the voices ive been hearing
count exactly were gettin closer to the end

they tell me to resign
all i see is signs that bring salvation to decline

friendly fire's on my mind
i think it's that time baby girl i hope to see you on the other side


same as first

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