Touched By An Angel: SVU Lyrics by 10-4 Eleanor

10-4 Eleanor Lyrics

Touched By An Angel: SVU Lyrics
My frustration is a product of biotic routine,
And so is the faith that puts you down on your knees.
You can sail that ship the width of oceans and sounds,
But you can't ignore the truth when the boat runs aground.

Your delusion keeps a plastic smile slapped on your face,
Your kids lobotomized and your wife in her place.
She keeps her faith by living strong; standing over the stove.
Do you feel empowered? Do you feel empowered?

They'll take away everything we've wanted.
They'll take away everything we've worked for.

How dare you motherf*ckers try to say that you care!
You would first see women dead before you'd give them their share
And your faith is an ad campaign to spread the disease
Assimilate, reprogram, do whatever you please.

Well, you can cling to the bible and ignore the rest.
But you're a fossil in the making with no heart in your chest.
Or you can open your eyes because it's sunny outside.
You've got the rest of your life to decide.

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