F*ck Yer Star, Cybertron Lyrics by 10-4 Eleanor

10-4 Eleanor Lyrics

F*ck Yer Star, Cybertron Lyrics
Congratulations are in order
You made it out alive
You don't have to have a conscience
I'll be far out of your sight
Counting all the things I have done
And all the things I have said
And they're oh so easy to forget

I have to hand it to you, girl
You made short work of me
I'm played on as easily as a pipe
When I'm made weak in the knees
Was it just too hard to say what you were thinking?
Of did deception keep your ego running smooth?

And you might escape unscathed
But you can't hold back the truth
You knew I wouldn't walk away
So you took from me what suited you

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