What You're Look'n For Lyrics by Zakk Wylde

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What You're Look'n For Lyrics
(We were friends)
Yet never all that close
(Two different people Lord)
I guess yeah, I suppose, yeah...

Well I could see by the lines on your face
So much on your mind...
(Searchin') For someone, anyone,
Something to treat you kind, oh yeah

I hope you found what you were lookin' for
'Cause I haven't seen your face around here no more
When did life become a chore?
When was it that you couldn't take it anymore?
With nothin' above you & nothin' below
Couldn't cure the need for somewhere else to go
I just hope that ya found,
What it was, what it was, you were lookin' for

(Sweep all your fears)
Beneath the rug there on the floor
(Shed a new skin)
No longer insecure

Your livin' harder, yeah, harder than you know
Tell me, how fast, (how fast)
Can ya burn?, (can you burn (burn))
And how far can ya go?


[Chorus] ...yeah, now
...Lookin' for, yeah, yeah, yeah,
...What you're lookin' for, yeah, yeah, yeah,
...Lookin' for, ohh yeah
"whoo, whoo-hoo..." [to fade]

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