Lost My Better Half Lyrics by Zakk Wylde

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Lost My Better Half Lyrics
Lay To Rest

Bury The Dead

Tomorrow seems to turn so fast

Alone in the boiler meltin' me down

Ain't the first, won't be the last

So Many People all at once

Who I once was has died

Never feel the ills of breakin' down

Calloused & petrified

Slipped inside a hole

Don't know where it's gonna lead

Lost in a world all alone & I'm

Lookin' for me

I gotta get it back

Lay waste to a friend

Killing all the past

Pray that all is forgotten

Lost my better half

All That Was

All so f*cked & trashed

Pray that all is forgotten

Lord I Feel I've Lost My Better Half

Wondering just how I got here

Shattered to the core

Lookin' to go back in time

Moving forward nevermore

On the verge of a breakdown

Run down, bludgeoned, and beat

All the things that you once held

Lying dead before your feet

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