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Sink With California Lyrics
Well I've been around the country
And I've met a lot of kids
Some kids are smart and some kids are dumb
But I don't pass judgement they're just having fun
Some kids get f*cked up and others refrain
But that's what makes the world so great
No one should be the same
The kids of the future
you can see it in their eyes
They must overcome nationality
If the World is to survive

And we'll sink with California
When it falls into the sea

Oi I'm not from England, Je Ne Suis pas de France
Ich bin nicht von Deutschland and I can't dance
Well I could say California it means nothing to me.
I despise nationality
Shouldn't say that you're from
north, south, east or west
It's humanity that is the best

Yo no soy Mexico, no Sano De Italia
That's all the languages we know
And actually we're from Canada
Yes we love to travel, but we love to see
That California border, forever and a day
We'll sink with California
When it falls into the sea

From the mountains, to the prairies
From the desert to the sea
I'd say California, it means nothing to me
I despise territoriality
I don't care if you're from north, south, east or west
live for humanity, forget the rest.
Yo I'm not from New York, I'm not from Boston
Y'all I ain't from Texas and I'm not patriotic
Cause the only patriotism that we really need
Is to sink with the world, with humanity and me

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