The Youth Ahead Lyrics

The Youth Ahead Lyrics

From the Album The New Album (2003) (buy at
The New Album
Pins And Needles
23 Days
Movie Scenes
Virginia's For Lovers
Stay True, Stay Gold
A Little Too Late
Dad's Day Off
The Universe Was Ours
Fast Times
Just Like You
Save Yourself

From the Album The Package (2001) (buy at
The Package
Simple Guy
A Whole New View
Big Ed's BBQ

From the Album The Oneder Years (2000) (buy at

One Hit Song
I Want Your Girlfriend
New Boyfriend
Beautiful Day
Stuck Up Highschool Girls
Biggest Mistake
I'm A F*ck Up
Area 69
Next Sunday
Ode To The Dollar
Better Than Me
Soap Slut
On My Own

From the Album A Day At The Park (1999) (buy at
A Day At The Park
Has Anyone Seen My Underwear?

Other Songs:
It's Only You
The Answering Machine Song

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