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Red, White, Blue Lyrics
Columbians, mexicans, even got some work from the dominicans
Americans, land of the free
National anthem shit, my country tis of thee
Red, white and blue, red white and blue
Crip and blood shit, nigga I salute
Red, white and blue, red white and blue
Cocaine shit, nigga I salute

[Verse 1:]
Columbians and mexicans I'm trying to reup
Stop the beat let's get somethin understood where I stay they g'd up
Maybach with my feet up, ak when I creep up
Young niggas wear blood game, my og's rep hoover
All I got is shooters, all we do is shoot out
Your bad bitch got no ass, she must work at hooters
Must of been in new york when them towers blew up
Now I got a 9 11 porsche with the blue guts
Rims'll make ya throw up, some will make you blow up
Niggas get little money when you gonna grow up
Louie from the toe up, street nigga so whay, I am
Louie 13, and I'm just telling bitch it's pour up


[Verse 2:]
Voila, haha, 18 wheeler pull up
Thousand mid and 30 bricks inside a honda
He don't speak in english all he know is numbers
Then my memphis plug he gonna get me through the summer
He don't know my name, him is just a runner
He pick it up and drop it off, then he gets some yello
Land of the free, run up if you wanna
Suicide mission, we got choppas in this hummer
Red white and blue, I'm no politician
But I live in a white house so I feel presidential
Religious to the flag you name the streets of america
In god we trust and where we stand
I'll always be a hustler

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