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My City Lyrics
[Intro - Yo Gotti:]
The teacher asked me what I wanted to be
I stood in front of the whole class and I told her I wanted to be a gangsta

[Chorus - K. Michelle & Yo Gotti:]
Every day somebody's killed in these streets
Whether innocent or guilty
It's my city nigga
And you don't have to travel to another world
Cause there's a war zone in my city
It's a war zone out here
Oh Memphis, oh Tennessee
No other place will be home for me ever
All the people, all the struggle
In a world full of fakes my city make me a real hustler
True hustler

[Verse 1 - Yo Gotti:]
First three six break up, and every day I wake up
A nigga got a problem with me
I got a hundred clips, a hundred guns, a hood full of killers
And I dare something to happen to me
See my city, it's a different state, there's no other
We used to have to make it through the... the summer
And everybody mob somthing, everybody rob something
Everybody scrap and everybody shot somethin'
Young niggas like ice
Killing like they got lice
Life used to be priceless now it's worthless
Niggas gone on missions ain't even worth it
Lil homie chill-chill, Lil homie chill-chill
Lil homie don't respect the big homies no more
And choppers, no more handguns no more
Four deep, four hundred shots, everybody under 16
I remember I was getting' bricks for the 16 the city changed nigga


[Verse 2 - Yo Gotti:]
You know it's rules and regulations when you king of the city
And niggas coming for the throne, some niggas don't make it home
Ain't talking that rap shit, I'm talking real beef
Where big homies can get wet and niggas can't get sleep
Put a 10 on a nigga, f*ck that put a 50, make his friend do the nigga
This Memphis, Ten, nigga
Home of the poverty, home of the robberies
We going through some real shit like nigga don't you bother me
It's going down in the DM
Nah nigga it's going down when I see him
Biggest record of my career, I'm becoming a star
And I'm shooting an AR at the cops
Just look at your favorite rapper
Just be patient, he gon f*ck up, he a Memphis nigga
Maybe I will, maybe I won't
Money don't change that, fame can't change that
I've done shit to niggas in the streets I can't take back
So every second of my life I got a gun and I hate that
But this Memphis, if you get caught without you gon regret that
F*ck it

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