Gold Medal Lyrics by Yo Gotti

Yo Gotti Lyrics

Gold Medal Lyrics
[Intro - DJ Drama:]
It's award season again
I mean we gon' keep winning and taking all these trophies home
I don't see no real contenders

[Hook - Yo Gotti:]
Nigga I should win a trophy
Platinum wrist with the cola
I should get a gold medal
Can't nobody cook it better
I show you how to whip the yola
I show you how to whip the yola
I show you how to whip the yola
I show you how to whip the yola

[Verse 1 - Yo Gotti:]
I show you how to get some extras
Nigga I can bless you
Two bricks and a half, I got the kitchen under pressure
Take it out to war, all white that's the texture
This shit just like a drive-thru, when you pull up may I help you?
Eyes on the camera, guns on the counter
Guerrillas with them choppas and they all got them bananas
Ran out of rubber bands then f*cked up all the counters
F*cking count it half a hand, give me the pack and I'm a down him
It jumping out the gym, call it trap-oline yayo
How you a dope boy when you never seen yayo?
Ever since I was a kid boy I use to dream yayo
It's me and Snootie Wild and they call us team yayo


[Verse 2 - PeeWee Longway:]
On the stove with the egg beater, whipping Jason Jeter
I can show you how to mix the yellow water make it ether
Longway Lulu got your [?] bricks we break em down to deuces
Cinnamon buns on the hand guns empty goin' [?]
Send the pack to Memphis and we workin' out the bitches
[?] and red, crash mans [?] got it in the trenches
Workin' my wrist whippin' up my credentials
[?] it be white like the dentures
Pocket monster cruisn' in the [?]
Blood on blood, this side get f*cked
The money count, I just keep countin'
[?] and Yo Gotti gon' count it
200 bands and we dab in Cavalli
Mother f*cker tell them send a deposit
So don't show we pull up in Bentley's and Masi's
[?] we be tippin' the pilot
G5 with a beat in the pocket

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