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CPR Lyrics
They compare me to the rappers out the south, Who outdated
And the other ones who had a couple hits, but barely even made it
When they doubt me and they out me, make me stronger, make me face it
But I know I'm not a phase, I'm a be one of the greatest
In beginning, when I first started and I had dreams
Didn't wanna stop, wanna ta be a lyricist
Then I switch the whole flow up, then started rapping about dope, got caught on that jewelery shit
Before young Jeezy started rapping detailed about dope, I thought niggas don wanna hear that shit
I could've done that shit 5 years fore hime, but they come along with them sentences
Must have went to New York like a million times, got a mil' on a table, I ain't even sign
One out two and I turned it down, did a lot of shit in this life of mine
I ain't have to help, I had to grind, no complaints
These rap niggas, I know em all, 99% niggas lying

It go industry, Vegas f*ck, you don't like me shut me up
Niggas saying hip hop's dead, CPR, wake em up
Flat line heartbeat, game in a coma
Nigga, I'm a dope boy, I do what I wanna

Grew up upon the Al-Qaeda, neighborhood, I was an outcast
In the middle of my hood, what break three stacks, get a hundred twenty five in a glad bag
And we got big boy guns, hold hundred
That's for any pussy ass nigga wanna run up
What it do, Ross? What'up, Wayne? Salute, Stunner, Gucci Mane
Niggas ask me why I never done a song with Plies
What's Understood don't got to be explain so I never reply
Race for the money, never get tired
Plug on the way, he never retire
Order a Hundred and put that on my name
Is death on the money, it's blood on my chain
That.40 we got bodies, niggas killing for hobbies
We got hoes in the room, we got hoes in the lobby
Bitches f*cking for free, niggas killing for pennies
CMG that the team, we in the streets and we winning


Remember Sosa told Tony not to f*ck with me
Then then Sosa sent them boys at him a hundred deep
Then Tony wanna go in but he ain't deep
So Tony should have listen to what Sosa said
But he was f*cking with that dope and he won't focus
Read between the lines, I'm talking to you locals
I'm talkin to any nigga that want war
Then let me get my M's up, you don want war


I wanna plant of marijuana
Not a plant, but a field
Not a field, but a dome
See niggas cook yay
Serve fiends same home
Same niggas G'd up
Bitch up, same zone
I wanna look at niggas different, but I can't
I wanna try to trust these bitches, but I ain't
Nigga instagraming cars that they know ain't theirs
You can be a fake rapper, now days nobody cares
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