Bulletproof Lyrics by Yo Gotti

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Bulletproof Lyrics
[Hook: x2]
Load It, Cock It, Aim and Shoot
Load It, Cock It, Aim and Shoot

Living like we bulletproof
We bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang
I say we load it, cock it, aim and shoot
Oh we load it, cock it, aim and shoot

Game f*cked up, streets ain't got love too
Real dope boy, and I spit real nigga poetry
Niggas talkin' foul, loud, bout what they gon' do to me
Bought all my cars white so when you see me, bitch you know it's me
Know a Memphis nigga, but I'm cruisin' down college
With my pistol in my pocket, a lil' bad bitch from college
I'm getting head in my drophead, feeling like I'm bulletproof
Fo' my niggas catch a body, gon' and get yourself a coupe or two
Free that nigga Meech, and free my nigga Boosie too
Tonight I'm in the strip club, and do what BMF would do
I'm sick of rap niggas, where my strap niggas?
Got an AK and a 38 in my trap, niggas


I'm feeling some kind of way, ready to leave here today
You cross that line with me pussy, I shoot you square in your face
I keep these niggas [?], I keep these hoes in they place
Breaking News: "Look at Gotti, that boy just caught him a case"
Million cash, with Obama [?], I got that sac on the way
Don't need to talk to a lawyer, boy, I'm gettin out here today
You think I come here to play, then you out your rabid ass mind
I'm in the streets everyday, and I got a hell of a grind
I was lost in the money, these streets was dying of hunger
I put this rap shit on hold and went got my niggas a bundle
Niggas six feet and under, cause they was playin' with the king
That last case I wasn't on the scene, I stood up for the team
Never rap on my homies, niggas know I'm big homie
You feelin bulletproof, swear to God, you don't want it, Nah

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