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Hemp Rope Necktie Lyrics
Hemp Rope Necktie

I wash my hands of you
My losses many my victories few
You tried to break me and you did it well
We'll break even when you get to hell

Life's a constant downward spiral
Repair the past you're in denial

This world has killed my will to try
The answer's clear in my mind's eye
When the flesh is gone the soul can fly
Swinging from the end of a hemp rope necktie

Daily fight to stay alive
Small wonder that I still survive
Got to get away from me
Sleep forever peacefully
Feet just inches off the ground
Apprehension as I'm staring down
Just couldn't take the constant grind
Find relief from the ties that bind

Initiate my self-attack
Rope goes taunt neck goes snap
Rafter groans that I'm hanging from
Swinging like a pendulum

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