Ya Boy Lyrics

Ya Boy Lyrics

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From the Album The Fix 2 (2010) (buy at amazon.com)
The Fix 2
2 Girls 1 Cup

From the Album I'm Bout To Murdah This Shit (2008) (buy at amazon.com)
I'm Bout To Murdah This Shit
100 Bars Of Death
Make My Money Double

From the Album Holla At Ya Boy (2008) (buy at amazon.com)
Holla At Ya Boy
Holla At Ya Boy

From the Album The Prince Of The City (2007) (buy at amazon.com)
The Prince Of The City
My Territory

From the Album Optimus Rime (2007) (buy at amazon.com)
Optimus Rime
Patron On The Rocks

From the Album Hang Ya Self (2007) (buy at amazon.com)
Hang Ya Self
Hang Ya Self

From the Album Chapter 1: The Rise (2007) (buy at amazon.com)
Chapter 1: The Rise
Down So Long
Cake (Bonus Track)

Other Songs:
100 More Bars (100 Bars of Crack)
Aqua Man That Hoe
Bay Bay Bay Freestyle
Get Her High
I Run The Bay
Lock Down
No Replacement
On My Jock
Party Girls
Rain Man (Strip Club Anthem)
Stay The Night
They Know Me
We Ready (From "More Than A Game" Soundtrack)
We Run L.A.
Who Am I To Say

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