The Fall Lyrics by XXXTENTACION


The Fall Lyrics
Fool's gold is a common man's trash.
I've seen devils I've seen many men...
Mothers, children, fathers...
I've seen The Fall.

Black bands and the, black friends when the
Nigga feelin' so killer could put a kids in a
Chokehold. They living with no soul
I pity, y'all niggas pity me, kitty with no goals.
I jump for her, neck snaps I Slipknot
I [?] in the weather so we can get-got
M5, [?]
And I remember December when you was sucked in.
Place is the place, man it's cold, and they chose this place so you could never fall.
So beware because the fall is all we know,
An empty corpse around parading in the snow.

Aye [x5]
Aye, yea

Yea, this is all we know, this is all we know.
This is-this is it.
Yea, y-y-y-yea.
This is-th-this is all we know, this is all we know.
This is it.
Yea, yea yea.
This is all we know this is all we know, this is it.
Yea [x9]

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