Let's Pretend We're Numb Lyrics by XXXTENTACION


Let's Pretend We're Numb Lyrics
Don't you f*cking hate it when you hear my name?
I feel the same and when you hear this you gon feel the pain
And all these niggas that you f*ckin with get away
But girl I know you think about it almost everyday
And I'll be honest I be jealous of these niggas, true
How you feelin with these niggas that you talk to?
Captivated by your mind and your walk too
Can't replace you with these bitches that I talk to
They say "lust is love" we had trust, what's good?
I should've held you close
Should've kept you warm
And when the rain is fallin, wonder who you call
Don't pray to God, you rather drive your car
Don't talk
Pretend it don't hurt
Repent, I won't stomp, my feet in the rain
My nigga I'm no chump
This issue is I crave you, hate you
You think I rip the wings off of my f*ckin angel
It don't hurt, damn

I'll forever be the, I'll forever be the elephant in the room
I'll always love you, I'm sorry

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