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Flame Trower Tide Lyrics
Flame Trower Tide
I summon you, oh king of the land 

Gunpowder is born of my throat, ignite it 
Take now my weapons 

Carry us both to the place 

Where we will never leave 
You unfurl October to my legion 

Where the angels forever be a dead birds 
Your eternal furious tide embrace us 
It drain his hearts and die 
Father, we are ready to your armed order 
Black tree in autumn winds 

And liberate Xaphan on the land 
The artillery that they guard my veins. 
Your horses be trodden on the ocean 

And all forces in my storm of war, 

Horses armoured to your military sing 
While his weak person wings tremble 
My thorns point at the wind 
We will tread on mined fields, oh Satan 
The west looks like no winter 

JesuXpo burn under the sea 

They are the ashes beyond venus

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