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Wrestling Lyrics

Other Songs:
A Little Space
American Dream
American Made
Ass Man (Billy Gunn)
Bad To The Bone
Basic Thugonomics-John Cena
Beach Patrol
Big (The Big Show)
Break Down The Wall (Chris Jericho)
Buff Daddy
Cold Day In Hell
Cool Cocky Bad
Country Boy
Crossing Borders-Rey Mysterio
Darkside (Undertaker)
D-Generation X
Drowning Pool-Rise Up (SmackDown Theme)
Eat Your Heart Out Rick Springfield
El Mundo
Eye Of Righteousness
Freestyle-Armageddon 2002-12-15
Freestyle-Backlash 2003
Freestyle-Heat 2003-03-30
Freestyle-Heat 2003-07-21
Freestyle-Judgement Day 2003
Freestyle-Royal Rumble 2003
Freestyle-Smackdown 2002-11-07
Freestyle-Smackdown 2002-12-05
Freestyle-Smackdown 2002-12-26
Freestyle-Smackdown 2003-01-09
Freestyle-Smackdown 2003-01-16
Freestyle-Smackdown 2003-01-30
Freestyle-Smackdown 2003-02-06
Freestyle-Smackdown 2003-02-13
Freestyle-Smackdown 2003-02-20
Freestyle-Smackdown 2003-02-28
Freestyle-Smackdown 2003-03-06
Freestyle-Smackdown 2003-03-13
Freestyle-Smackdown 2003-03-20
Freestyle-Smackdown 2003-03-27
Freestyle-Smackdown 2003-04-03
Freestyle-Smackdown 2003-04-10
Freestyle-Smackdown 2003-04-17
Freestyle-Smackdown 2003-04-24
Freestyle-Smackdown 2003-05-01
Freestyle-Smackdown 2003-05-08
Freestyle-Smackdown 2003-05-23
Freestyle-Smackdown 2003-06-05
Freestyle-Smackdown 2003-06-12
Freestyle-Smackdown 2003-07-03
Freestyle-Smackdown 2003-07-11
Freestyle-Smackdown 2003-07-17 (1)
Freestyle-Smackdown 2003-07-24 (1)
Freestyle-Smackdown 2003-08-07
Freestyle-Smackdown 2003-08-14
Freestyle-Smackdown 2003-08-21
Freestyle-Velocity 2002-11-30
Freestyle-Velocity 2002-12-28
Freestyle-Velocity 2003-05-31
Freestyle-Vengeance 2003
Grab Them Cakes
H-Blockx-Oh Hell Yeah (Steve Austin)
Here Comes The Money
Hulk Rules
Hulkster In Heaven
I Am
I Hate Rap
I Just Want You-Trish Stratus
I Know You Want Me (Sunny)
I Want To Be A Hulkamaniac
Insane Clown Posse-The Oddities
John Cena (featuring Trademark)-Untouchables (John Cena)
Know Your Role (The Rock)
Latino Heat (Eddie Guerrero)
Latino Heat (Second Theme)
Men On A Mission
Miestro-MacMilitant (Theodore Long)
Motoumlrhead-Line In The Sand (Evolution)
Motoumlrhead-The Game (Triple H)
My Time
My Time (Triple H)
My World
Nation Of Domination (Faarooq)
No Chance In Hell
No Chance In Hell (The Corporation)
Ode To Freud (Mankind)
Prime Time
Real American
Rowdy (K-Kwik)
Second Theme
Sexual Chocolate (Mark Henry)
Sexy Boy (Shawn Michaels)
Snap (Sycho Sid)
Tell Me A Lie
The Rock Slick Rick-Pie (The Rock)
Turn It Up (Too Cool)
Waterproof Blonde-Just Close Your Eyes (Christian)
We Lie We Cheat We Steal-Eddie Chavo Guerrero
When I Get You Alone-Lita
Who I Am (Chyna)
With My Baby Tonight (Jeff Jarrett)
Wrestling Boot Traveling Band
You Look So Good To Me
You Start The Fire (Bret Hart)


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