Thrown Lyrics by Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa Lyrics

Thrown Lyrics
Thown rouuouond by the wind [x3]
Thown Dowowown in a spin

[Verse 1:]
These niggaz hate me cause the streets ain't make me crazy
They raised me showed me how to win follwed in them shadows
Then I jumped up on my own 2 feet and made it happen
Figured out I'm makin rap and if not I'll take you clappin
See I'm on top of this art and on the blocks that I trout it's hotter than hot lava and rock
Fiends jerkin they got product to cop the cops searchin for the product the rock
D in the coke purple weed in my smoke
The parks where they pump out boy
Only 2 fears god and them jump out boys
I'm really heavy on the bezzie hat stay with a lean
Shot this shit with big tymers chick stay lookin mean
I'm in the coup flyin back throw the dueces to u losers
What u stupid I'm ruthless your dude is just a nuisance
Muthaf*cka when your top get blown and your shop get closed
Don't be so suprised told u guys that I'll leave em


[Verse 2:]
I move the music group next to me's a few of u
But technically I'll to u dudes texas squezzin rugars too
I move the people 1 your not as hot as me no it is what it is I'm cocky but u can't stop me
Pistolvania bred flex the pistol bang your head
And if u trade some lead left in pistolvania dead
I'm still the same old guy spittin the flame
Whippin the lanes 1 thing on my mind and that's gettin the chain
My pops taught me well no way u can't prevail
If u got product and a plan then u can make it sell
So I took from that ran with it no lookin back
Coke up in my written when I spit it it get cooked to crack
I'm a have u niggaz mad at the game cause I'm snatchin up all the paper smackin up all u haters
Scrap u a baller faker a motherf*ckin clone
I'm a titan in the game Wiz Khaifas to blame
I'll leave u

Writer: Cameron Thomaz
Copyright: Lyrics © Pgh Sound, WB Music Corp.

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