On A Plane Lyrics by Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa Lyrics

On A Plane Lyrics
One thing's for sure, two things for certain man
I be on my Young Khalifa man, burn up

All my nights that I spent on my own tryna find my way
All the chances we take when we rollin' [?]
I done been through the phase - seen it all for the fortune and fame
And did it for a first class flight on a plane

Can you stand the rain?
Can you niggas really stand the pain?
Can you stand to sit for 14 hours on the plane
If you get caught, you'll never smoke again
I'm leaving niggas with no bitches and cruel intentions
Make 'em dig in they pockets, makin' 'em pay attention
I don't gotta talk it cause God I live it
Say the competition, they all gonna be missin'
That's part of the mission, we ball and they missin'
Order all them rooms up, let all of my nigs in
We hop out them bitches, stay on our toes
Money over hoes, man that's just the way it goes
Weed in a bowl, pack shows, me and my bros
Nominated for Grammy's so, you don't hear me though
Say that I changed, I just say that I've been laying low
Try and play your role, that's the way it go
Ya'll already know


Blacc Hollywood on the way
[?] what's up

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