Bout That Lyrics by Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa Lyrics

Bout That Lyrics
[Verse 1:]
Standin' on the couches blowin' on some ounces
Shit from out the country can't even pronounce it
Another 100k I got that all from tourin'
Throw it in the air just to let 'em know I'm ballin'
Get the hotel treat it like it's residential
Classic with no diamonds in my presidential
Take a look at me and you can tell I'm paid
Makin' all these faces no Stevie J
Smokin' weed, my hoodie and my leather on
I got a mill, just need some shit to bet it on
I got some tree to smoke so they gon' let us burn
The waitress bringin' bottles I'm just yellin', "Church! "
Standin' on the couches blowin' on some grass
These niggas talkin' shit, but hate'll never last
Look at my section, VIP we showin' class
Kush in every joint Pierre Jouet in every glass

[Hook: x2]
You know I'm about that shit
Niggas hatin' every day that's why they doubt that shit
If we smokin' need a ounce of that shit
And I never ever leave the crib without that shit

[Verse 2:]
You know I'm about that
Ain't never worried 'bout fallin' off cause I'm a bounce back
Uh, where yo ounce at?
You talkin' 'bout your f*ckin' car, but where the house at?
Yea, I'm gettin cheese though
Walk up in the club they treat me like I'm Nino
Uh, sippin' Moet
Got a couple cars that I ain't even drove yet
Yea, where's the champaign?
Told my jeweler put some diamonds in my damn ring
Club lookin' dry, I make it rain for 'em
Face another drink, call that a brainstorm
Tatted from my feet up, VIP we meet up
Gotta pour some liquor, gotta roll some weed up
Then fill our face we get our plates and eat up
Keep bringin' ace this ain't a race
But if it was we'd be first place

[Hook x2]

Yeah, make sure you get your tickets
To the 2050 tour, come get your lungs right
Leave that [?] weed at the crib
Real shit this is the hottest rap tour
Since Jay-Z and them niggas was on the road
On the Hardknock Life Tour and shit like that
Shout out to all the fans man, buyin' all the merch
Makin' sure they front row at the show, I see y'all
Make sure you check out ONIFC man, December 4th
We ain't gon' let y'all down
Got exactly what you've been waiting for
Smokin' the biggest cookie joint I ever had in my life
And that's for me and you to know
It's Cabin Fever 2, Taylor Gang or die
Shout out to them Taylors man, the real Taylors man
December 4th

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