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Banger Lyrics
Nigga all I smoke is papers
All I smoke is papers
I'm a motherf*ckin'
I'm a motherf*ckin'

All I smoke is papers
All I smoke is papers
I'm a motherf*ckin' Taylor
I'm a motherf*ckin' Taylor
All I smoke is papers
All I smoke is papers
I'm a motherf*ckin' Taylor
Blowing up the game like a banger

[Verse 1: Wiz Khalifa]
All I know is smoke when I'm in a ride
All I know is count while I'm getting high
All I know is Flex while I'm in the club
All I know is show them hoes no love
All I know is buy a hundred bottles pour 'em
All I know is old school or a foreign
All I know is make sure they know your name
All I know is ride out for your gang
All I know is make them hoes cone joints
All I know is keep your niggas on point
All I know is have my money on time
All I know is grind lil' nigga, grind
That's all I know


[Verse 2: Ty$]
Twisting up fingers, all in your face like what's happenin'
My niggas hop out and get to smashin'
Sock a nigga first then ask him
Where you niggas from? What you niggas bang?
Southside, nigga, Chi-Town, he ain't with the Taylors
This nigga jewerly fake, he ain't getting paper
He a f*ck nigga, not a real player
I took his bitch and made her learn how to roll papers
Off Youtube, you should do it too
Type of bitch that like to be around the who's who
Yeah she get around, she like a hula-hoop


[Verse 3: Wiz Khalifa]
Big bag of that, coming back for that
Roll 'em back to back, keep a sack of that
Don't imagine that, that's a matter of fact
Eyes down in the clouds where you find 'em at
In my MCM bag where the magic at?
Come back to my room, jump on the broom
Swear the magic happened, she hit the magic dragon
Her ass started clapping, I was glancing
Smoking kill, that's that action pack
Tell the DJ to bring it back and tell the weedman to bring a sack
I got a bong and I got a biatch, ass fat, body full of tats
Pick her up, f*ck her on the jet, nothin less

Writer: Cameron Jibril Thomaz, Eric Dan, Cameron Thomaz
Copyright: Lyrics © Pgh Sound, Sony/ATV Songs LLC, Idlabs Worldwide Sound, WB Music Corp.

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