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The Album About Nothing Lyrics
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The Intro About Nothing

[Wale:] Time to clock in, baby
[Jerry Seinfeld:] Yeah
[Wale:] You ready?
[Jerry Seinfeld:] Yes, I was ready last time
[Wale:] We gon' call this "The Intro About Nothing." It's gon' go like this:

Lord, my all, what you think of it?
Been on this long road accumulating luggage
As time proceeds, preoccupied with everything
I think it's 'bout that I sing of nothing

Sipping wine, sipping wine, cause my Henny finished
Hard to be friendly with women who've seen too many niggas
So I keep my circle small, you need reduction
Never too much friends, what is your circumference?
I swear to God, times is hard, but they're getting better
Tryna enjoy every moment, but see we so competitive
Gubana made the level, and I never missed a supper
But still my hunger's like a f*cking model at a buffet
I'm with these broads who in love, they ain't seen any better
But dollar signs never mind, and he keep a zero
And if my heart could speak, it would talk to freaks
And leave the room when a nigga try to sleep with 'em
Getting high, getting by, watching time fly
Tell my niggas, I'ma get 'em if they gon' ride
Young, wild nigga living the dream
Although I'm not who I'm destined to be
They keep saying, "Grow up"


I pray my girl don't turn to my baby mother yet
But in fact I do, I need by boo to keep my shit in check
And shit get easier when dreams of chasing respect
Get realized, and ain't no team invading your set
Getting high, getting by as my mind fly
Just bought my homie a Roley simply to pass time
And on top it's lonely so keep your homies right by your side
And if life is short then we'll be the shorts of the Fab Five
Severed ties with any nigga who covet mine
And all the stunting got me looking ugly in momma's eyes
But I gotta do it, these niggas need provocative music
And as a youth momma worked too much to have an influence
Rapping and music, a bunch of bitches acting too foolish
You gotta be stupid, even Tim Allen had him a tooly
Getting high, sitting down, thinking out loud
It's a shame niggas lame, but I'mma hold it down
Let my bread roll, never let my friends go
That's why I let these dreads grow, I'll never fit your f*cking crown
Getting high, getting by, watching time fly
Tell these niggas I'mma get 'em every other time
Young, wild niggas sit in your seat
Know every weekend every liquor for free
With chilly roller for leaf, nothing so silly, bitch, I sow what I reap
Double M Genius, make these bitches so deep
I make these niggas' opinion on younger lyricists consistently weak
Put my cardio in the audio and you missin' the beat
I'm out, standing in every avenue, I'm good in the streets
Outstanding, shitting on niggas, but you sit when you pee
Hold up

I figure, they don't care nothing 'bout albums.
So why not give 'em an album about - [chuckles].
Hey, you better sing that shit, nigga.
This how you start the motherf*cking show.
My fourth joint in a row.
The moon's in the motherf*ckin' sky, all rise



The Helium Balloon

So you're the balloon, you've got that helium, and we travel with you through the string. So we're going up there with you even though we're on the ground. We can't fly, I can't sing, I can't make music, but I can get a-- I can buy it. So I can get a balloon. I can't fly, but I can get a helium balloon

I used to put my faith in the yarn, and now communication is gone
I agree we've gone distant, my new location the charts
Naw, mm, can't count the days, but let's just say five
Years, coming of age, it make you blow by your day job
So cry for me, wild for me
It's a horror story, eyes 20/20s that I-M-E your normal C
And I'd be different gettin' diplomas in peace
But gettin' applause and across, I'm hittin' Diplo for a beat
Slight work to Dahi, it's a purpose y'all see
In a world of dopplegangers, niggas ain't worth the copy
You capiche? You got me cold
Niggas'll fly you up this high, won't let you fly to the moon
Goin' up!

They love your moves made 'til you make moves
Achievin' new feats every few 8 shoes
16, took a nigga dream different
Had SOBs lookin' like it's new Supreme in it
See that the line's been beastin'
The main attraction, I got 'em hangin' their cleats up
I've been keepin' it G
It's levels to this fellow, hello I resemble the cheat codes
Some shit good, some shit fly
Some love to see you blow, they don't want see you pop
Shit good, some shit nah
Some shit recycled like second timers in Tour de France
First you picked up, now you pick the part
You get too fun 'til your core fans au revoir
They like, "You stuck with us, cause you let him fly"
Swear this life is like a helium balloon, I'm sorry
But I gotta fly

[Jerry Seinfeld:]
Now when a kid gets a helium balloon, he's holding that string and he's keeping this balloon from going anywhere. But he also wants to let it go

Gave you a contract, stay true through all that
Came through with Ross, writin' bangers for y'all
But I ain't lose my content, f*ck all that nonsense
Diverse with rappin', I'm a writer with passion
Tell the purist that laugh I don't reach out for daps
Cause "No Hands" triple platinum
Better writings for retail, why not see my detail?
Gettin' box office spins, only box I fit in
Is by thigh on a female
So they hatin' me for that, sayin' I just make women songs
It's perfect style every, versatile got me right where her walls at
Still know what my core needs, so f*ck who ignores me
For I need niggas, I purchased 3 mirrors and show y'all what's for me

[Jerry Seinfeld:]
So he wants to let it go and he wants to catch it. Eventually he loses it, he doesn't want to lose it

Why they give a f*ck about the songs I write?
As long as my tugs and my fans been nice
Movin' forward with my life
Crucify me, man of Jesus Christ
Man I do 'em no favor
Cause 'nough of them are traitor
Them a real bite, biter
Them are try take your glory and your energy
Buffalo soldier
Send us a sentimental gangster
I mean a sinner, boy me 'fraid of
Them are try take your glory and your energy

Whatever, tell 'em it's whatever
Wanna see me good or never see me better?
F*ck 'em, can't say nothin'
Cause the same hand heal you might cut you
F*ck 'em, you ain't sayin' nothin'
Cause the same hand heal you might cut you
Whatever, tell 'em it's whatever
Wanna see me good or never see me better?


The White Shoes

I had a lady once stop me on the street.
I was wearing white shoes.
And she says, "I'm glad you're sticking with the white shoes."
She says, "It makes me feel good."

Take this good advice
If they're gonna judge you for life
Say we can't always be fly
We gon' be good long as them sneakers white
You'll be alright
Said you'll be alright
Said you'll be alright
Said you'll be alright

Gucci iced out, whole hood had 'em
Ice cream 'fore the hypebeasts that's into fashion
Being forreal, yo try being Pharrell
When your black ass in a back class, the fronting was real
No Lauren London, we was on a budget
You know, sharin' Old Navy so the army could be fresh in public
Where the sneaker stores and laundromats get all the money
Cause it ain't 'bout what you're doin', 'bout how you're lookin'
When they love you for your status and your catalog
And everybody got a jersey to play along
Back then the hoes checkin' for your zapatos
So even dirty niggas had the foams


Biotech trainers on the way to work
And we would quietly complain while Eric would lurk
That was the PG Plaza manager, managin' us
Yeah I'm standin' in Lucky 7s but slingin' them Lugz
Still have them Js for the low, low, and I could get 'em early
But I'm not without a conscience, I see people out there hurtin'
Got 'em for Penny Foams that was bought at this very store
And I think that was my shift, then again I'm not very sure
And that's a lot that can get to ya
When you're not sellin' drugs but the outcome is similar
Cause out come them niggas with pistols, tellin' you give 'em up
Now out come the moms with tissues cause you ain't give a f*ck
Free lunch for everyone, income was very uh
On the second and 16th everyone would have every 1
And Reebok would carry pump, and that's not the scary part
These niggas love white shoes so much they'd be buried in them


You'll be alright
You'll be alright
You'll be alright
You'll be alright


No matter how good or lavish us niggas got it
We just a bunch of ravenous addicts living for fancy haberdashery


The Pessimist

[Jerry:] Oh so there's still hope?
[George:] I don't want hope, hope is killing me. My dream is to become hopeless.
When you're hopeless you don't care, and when you don't care, that indifference, it makes you attractive

A nigga feelin' hopeless
Who am I to change perception?
If a nigga kill a nigga he's another statistic
If his skin's a little different they gon' say it was self defense
Nigga feelin' hopeless
Starin' at the idiom box, riddle me this
If a killer was a nigga would niggas still really care
Cause niggas worser than Zimmerman livin' life everywhere
Niggas hopeless
Small niggas with big tools
Couldn't get to Harvard, hard work, he hard whipped
Cause them hardy hah's and hard nights
Are hard to live through
When you hopeless
What we gotta do to be winnin'?
Cause all the schools gettin' closed
Dribble a little, coach, shootin' at a foe
Cause they chargin' them to hoop at community center
My nigga, hopeless
25 bands, he was shootin' not a damn givin'
Cousin threw a couple grand at some dancers
Throwin' back their fat ass, is my glasses confused?
We're the hopeless
America's dream and nightmare in the same being
Even when being polite here
Niggas try to bring me down, the life of a pioneer
Lightyears worth of hopeless
Celebrities celebratin' disgust me
The cerebellum invaded with all these fresh things on
Watchin' "Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta" as we speak
Nigga we hopeless
Okay, the Steebie show is on
And so my broad rollin' weed now she's mad at me
Cause she seen a scene with Rasheeda baby father
Said, "You niggas all hopeless"

[Hook - J Cole:]
Got a pocket full of lint again, but it make no difference to me
Fallin' out with my friends again, but it make no difference to me
Goddamn I'm hopeless
Oh man I'm hopeless
Got no gas in my tank again, but it make no difference to me
Overdraft at the bank again, but it make no difference to me
Goddamn I'm hopeless
Lord knows I'm hopeless
Still I pray

Nigga feelin' hopeless
Like a Penny with a hole in it
We as empty as a corazón of a widow
From a soul that she don't know when he's comin' home
He don't got no limit, hopeless
What's a purple heart to a hurt head?
He done done 12 years, he was told 6
Prolly go back in a minute, ain't shit here
Nigga so hopeless
Thoughts are ravaging in the whole crib
Now he post-traumatic and always on the edge
On the pills, some bills, two kids, one leg
Nigga so hopeless
A lot of black cops always clap back
And some foul white cops always on deck
Playin' race card, guarantee you'll make a blackjack
Nigga so hopeless
Cause we ain't 'posed to ever have shit
And we ain't vocal as rap
Niggas cause we don't mope unless we trap hits
Nigga hopeless
Look at what I go through to show you
Niggas respect money, money respect power
And power, we never given unless
A nigga catch, shoot or dribble
We are hopeless
Nah you ain't out here for the culture
You finna riot, without a purpose
You ain't a mothaf*ckin' rider, you a f*ckin' token, posin'
Nigga hopeless
Of course not literal
But why complain about the man
When a nigga with my skin
The same problems with them I had
Is out there killin' niggas too?
Eat your food, nigga



The Middle Finger

[Jerry Seinfeld:]
Now, one of the services you provide is giving them something to talk about.
Let 'em talk. It makes 'em happy, it makes 'em feel good.
They don't believe half the shit they say.
People wanna talk. Yeah, it's fun to talk

Hate to be the bearer of bad news
But I can't move with too many rap dudes
I respect dudes from my double M crew
But I'm just not that dude hanging on to who's who's and such
Cash rule for some, got room for none
Can't fool with niggas who put the rumors up
Wanted to quit, rap music sucks
But couldn't run a 4.2, so with you I'm stuck
Went in the booth, truth? the only tool I trust
And that's sayin' a lot, cause Pro Tools be stuck
You grindin' hot, they wanna be cool with yah
They're like consignment shops, they're old news to us

Society, I trip 'em
Aye well look now
I got to be the realest
Aye well look now
Society, I trip 'em
Aye well look now
Should follow no nigga
Just the god inside of my mirror
F*ck you, leave me alone (aye well look now)
F*ck you, leave me alone (aye well look now)
F*ck you, leave me alone (aye well look now)
F*ck you, leave me alone (aye well look now)
F*ck you, leave me alone
F*ck you, leave me alone
F*ck you, leave me alone
F*ck you, leave me alone

Fightin' for my respect, receive it or nothin' else
Preachin' and geekin', I kinda think that I'm Malcolm X
MDMA in my juice, jaws tired and thru
Now I'm sweatin' cause the bitches, they perspired me to
Are you judgin' me now? Do you f*ck with me now?
Miscarried my first child, ain't finna come out
F*ck the therapy route, where the syrup and loud?
Blue 30 come around, there's the smile
Opiated, could show up later with more elation
All my bitches say, "Take it easy, enjoy the paper"
Try to be with the people, see what I'm fightin'
Them inner demons, and how it was eatin' me while I be in Vegas
Yeah, life a gamble anyway jo
Pop a perc, I could merk through the pain though
Mind bills pilin' up, drop a single
Thrill's all gone when that mothaf*ckin' fame go
Ever seen a mix J Cole and Django?
Educated, shit, but he whip like he ain't though
Black bitches say my shit is so graceful
White bitches barely know me up in Graystone



The One Time In Houston

[Seinfeld sample:]
[George:] Nobody wants to be with someone who loves them
[Jerry:] No, people hate that
[George:] You want to be with somebody that doesn't like you
[Jerry:] Ideally
[George:] I am never saying 'I love you' again unless they say it first

Nigga gotta tell you...
In the most endearing manner...that these jawns is for everybody

H-town, with J. zooted
I'm with J. Harden, I'm coolin'
And the way the broads are choosing us
I think I'm 'bout to move out Houston
Nigga, got that black bottle on me
Black-black bottle on me
Half the Bs in my suitcase
On the brown, I'll probably OD
Cause I'm in H-town and I'm crawlin'

My favorite bitch at Dream be stripping around 2
She love to say "I f*ck with you, thank you for coming through"
She gon' get you in your feelings, then get you out of your loot
Oh, she don't love you

She don't
She don't
She don't
She don't love you no more

[Seinfeld sample:]
[Jerry:] Are you confident in the "I love you" return?
[George:] Fifty-fifty
[Jerry:] Cause if you don't get that return, that's a pretty big matzoh ball hanging out there
[George:] Aw, I've just got to say it once, everybody else gets to say it, why can't I say it?
[Elaine:] What, you never said it?
[George:] Once, to a dog

H-town, what they do, yeah
I'm with J. Harden, I'm coolin'
And the way the broads are choosing us
I think I'm 'bout to move out Houston
Nigga, got that Black Bottle on me
Black-black bottle on me
All the Bs that I brought in here
Is on the ground, I know we'll OD cause
I'm out H-town, just coolin'

My favorite bitch is ready, said "what did you try and do?"
I told her "it's whatever," she told me "whatever" too
She told me it's a problem, what's the problem?
"the loot"
Yeah, she don't love you

She knows that I've been rolling up like a motherf*cker
I've been pouring up like a motherf*cker
Well, I've been creeping out like a motherf*cker, sleeping out like a motherf*cker
Friends tell me I'm a motherf*cker, they know
I've been rolling up like a motherf*cker
They know that I've been creeping out like a motherf*cker, sleeping out like a motherf*cker
Friends tell me I'm a motherf*cker, yeah you know, you know

That body bang, need a body bag
Syrup in bottles, be balancing my anxiety, hey
I ain't sipping to fit in with niggas
I go to Texas for women, and no Timbaland weather
Mademoiselle, every nigga fetish for reals
Stay till the morning, my shit be snoring off with that pill
What a role model I be
I bet I lost respect when you saw me sweating off MD-
MA, blame it on the batch, girl, it's OK
Pop one to relax, see, this rap shit is so fake
Women so fake, all these niggas so fake
So who am I to ask 'bout ass, titties or whole names?
Now she giving government and her number away
(She don't) Hey
Meaning she wanna do things not for public display
(She don't) Hey
I'm off a high and I'm losing my mind, in a daze, yeah
(She don't) Uh
So won't you tell me you love me while I'm stuck on this wave?



The Girls On Drugs

Hey! Happy Festivus everyone!

I promise you ain't never really freak out until you be out at freak hours and see each and every freak out from free couch to free couch

[Chorus x4:]
We go deep and we don't get no sleep
Cause we be up all night until the early light

Man these niggas ain't serious
Do you know what type of women I've been dealing with?
I used to pop blues with my lil' bitch
I call her boo cuz her real one I will forget
I use a Uber to scoop me to SLS
What you expect, a little groupie to see my crib?
Oh no, these niggas ain't serious
Do you know what type of bitches I've been dealing with?
Try to tell me adderall make her get a rush
Used to use it to study until she fell in love
Told me that lil buzz just make her think a lot
Told her "Nah you lying, cuz you don't eat enough"
Nah Nah Nah
These women ain't serious
She sprinkled a little something up in her lip
Start sipping and now she sweating, her lips clenched
Kind of dizzy, her friends tell her to get a grip
I'm trying to get me a real woman to take out
But for now, they're wild
They rather get it in

Girls on drugs
Girls on drugs
Girls on drugs
Pills and subs when them beers ain't enough
They still need love

[Chorus x2]

In her purse where her hand go
She disperse by the handful
Coco make her go up
Nothing popping, pop a zan when she laying low
Bars to break, so many bars to break
She at the Grammy's turnt, none of the stars is fake
She like "Oh my God, I'm on the moon and shit"
And my particular moon like a platoon and shit
You know the niggas I be dealing with
Politicians and niggas living it on the rip
And my position to give this shit to little kids
Is not official unless I'm giving them authentic
We're all living with small demons
We're all sinning, it's all similar
Broads with us and they bong hitting
Let me tell you about the bitches I've been chilling with
The really insecure ones look good as shit
Nothing fill the void of a little pill
A little shot, she ain't shy when the shit spill
And it's hard to feel alive when you're feeling dead inside
Beside that the lime light be so real
Let me tell you about the bitches that I kick it with
Told me nobody love her and so she cut her wrist
Not enough for the hospital but cut it close
That's why she want to get high because she's feeling low
Told me pour me a vodka, pill and little smoke
So I could numb her insides and we will never know



The God Smile

I shine
You shine
We fall

Girls kissin' me all out, Christian Dior'd out
We gon' hold this city down 'til we see the whole city up
(Go shine, go shine your light on me
Go shine your light on me)
A1 when I'm on site, my day ones never think twice
Same one that get all the hate, through it all I illuminate away
(Go shine, go shine your light on me
Go and shine your light on me)
Nah nig, nah nig
Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah nigga
Don't you doubt it if you was my nigga
We ain't fall out so you still my nigga
Don't always call you but you've been my nigga
You're still the same, nigga, it's just the trust

Nigga when you work hard
Used to get the outfit up off Curt Bone
We done came a long way from the all day store
And now spending 8 somethin' out Bergdoff
Word up, pray to God that my self good
Stand close to my rivals
Like you got a job they would kill for
It's all good cause the flow is to die for
My God, nigga life like a dice roll
And it's twice hard throwin' 'em with mics on
I hit 'em with the rap, everybody slept
Then I came back, killin' everybody's nap like a hot comb
At Saks 'bout to cop more
And cop more if they got more
And come back if they got more
Middle finger to them folks, tell 'em GABOS
Cause this game ain't based on sympathy
Know that fame will steal your energy


At 21, played running back
24 I had the city mad
Slim Charles in the Y now
You could say me and him brought the city back
Used to hustle in hand-me-downs
Now I'm whippin' the Camry 'round
Hit licks in Baltimore
Gettin' Hip-Hop chicken in like Kevin Liles
Uptown, I learned a lot
Suburbs taught me good
The white girl destroyed the black neighborhood
So white boys can run the world
White cops is goin' to war
I write thoughts and put 'em in songs
And the devil around the corner
It's all good cause the God is livin' in you
Cops can look in the bag
Tricky to man so can you read a mind
And they used to go to madness, and I ain't really have it
Somehow they let another Eddie advance
Well I shine for the niggas that passed
So my niggas in the pen got me pushin' a pad
Back in the crack era, daddy whippin' a cab
But now I'm pushin' a camper doin' a similar route
One time, [?] meets Jay Hov
Marion Berry meetin' with Barry O
This is Lil Wayne meets Wayne Perry
This is bad brains from the go go
I'm in tears so I'm thankful
Cause I got haters and I got flow
Niggas can't tell me nothin', I got this shit jumpin'
From the white house to the black hole
Don't let no lame tell you differently
Bitch I'm the savior of the DMV



The Need To Know

I guess maybe some little problems could arise
(There are always a few)
If anything happened and we couldn't be friends the way we are now, that would really be bad
Because this is very good
(And that would be good)
That would be good too, the idea is to combine this with that

Tryna keep it low
Keep 'em on that need to know
Tell everybody that we're just friends
But to be honest that plutonic shit's for TV shows
Same place, we're with different folks
Case closed if they crack the code
Is it me, or is you cold?
Cause the feelings you ain't showin' pokin' out your clothes
Go put a sweater on or get a room
Forbidden fruit, swim in your juice
Lot of ways I can get to you
But my train of thought is tryna get you out your ch-ch-choo

Still we keep it low
Keep 'em on that need to know
Cause somebody tell somebody
And somebody then sorry but somebody gon' need to go

[Hook - SZA:]
I'm not tryna pressure you
Just can't stop thinkin' 'bout you
You ain't even really gotta be my boyfriend
I just wanna know your name
And maybe some time
We can hook up
We can hang out, we can just chill

Tryna keep it low
Keep 'em on that need to know
Tell everybody that we're just cool
As far as me and you, we got a simple code
Spendin' nights, well that's optional
No telephones in the afternoon
I know that overthinkin' only leads to subtweetin'
Every time your ass in the mood
Sharin' thoughts when we share a room
Though we barely talk when we share a room
In the dark, still see your curves
Body like what, swear to God you're a miracle


I mean let's say, what if we did?
(What if?)
Is that like the end of the world or something?
(Certainly not!)
Why shouldn't we be able to do that once in a while if we want to?
(I know!)
I mean really, what is the big deal? We go in there, we're in there for a while and then we come back out here. It's not complicated
(It's almost stupid if we didn't!)
It's moronic



The Success

The worst thing is when you get comfortable
That's why success is the enemy

Lord forgive us, we're sinners
Was poor with the other children
Of course the ills that are less fortunate
Support while they're killing
Graduated from school just to live on their knees
And wonder why the undergrads don't wait for summer for heat
Cause a drug dealer's destiny's still reaching that key
Who are y'all to disagree
While everybody is looking for somethin'
Where the lookouts look out and be like "cuckoo, they comin'"
So it's nothin' when the income is nothin'
And the heat never be on so get that heat from the oven
It's humility, still humanized by these memories
You and I could never eye to eye
Cause my style's like 5 guillotines
I'm more head then cutting off 5 foreheads
10 I seen, the tenacity of my swords edge
Boy.. been built for that
Seen blood get spilt for less
These young bloods like a bad drug
Can't find a cure, take a pill back
Uh, rah rah, D.C. mean "don't come"
A "dick choke" if your ho cum
That was told to me by Curt Bone
And that's fact, shout out Wayne and Corn too
I ain't slang in the 80's but... I feel the pain y'all went through


As a hustler's "Ambition" continues
All them side ways niggas try and do you like Bishop
And I'm sorry if you 30, still purchasing nickels
Cause I'm pushing 30 and the nickel be purchasing Wizards
Like "Ted and Zach, I got the bread, let's go and chat"
Man I made so much off of beanies we can go over cap
El Captain of the rappers songs, get at me dog
And I'm Christ' Dior with a crispy cuff over Paranorms
Stuntin', oh oh, I'm stuntin'
Ho-bo if there's shit in the bus scoop us a seven
Avenue livin', whats up
Revenue up the wazoo cause I hustle
Used to listen to Wasalu
I so was "Kick, Push"'ing the product out DTLR
Pardon me I'm just dwelling
Pursuing the exit from the cesspool we ascended
Uh tell me I ain't successful



The Glass Egg

...And they say don't ever change (change on me)
Although beautiful matrimony is a rapper balancing your women, your riches and at least half your homies
You're at the top, don't crack!

I've been doing my own thing
And they said don't never change
And I pray I stay the same
Want everything for everybody 'round me
I've been doing my own thing
And we said we'd never change
And I pray we stay the same
Fame changin' everybody 'round me

OK, good business with mad friends (and we said we'd never change)
But bad business with mad friends, aha, glass egg
Used to be my homie, me and you was chillin'
Now that shit got cold like the OG with that finger roll
That Spur, probably cop it, cause the more I drink Wallace
And it's worse when they even in their fillings of your pockets
Then I got my deal
Started wondering if them peoples with me are for real
Mmm, I figure them'll do it, not us
Mmm, the bond was thick, now just the blot is
And isn't it ironic, getting a name can make you anonymous
My newest of hobbies, collecting calls from the lock-ups
Tell em I know he's so sick of the walls, when he get home, he going shopping
Mmm, look at the time that caught us
Talked to the Times when younger and made me get my life in order
Real in it for life, but now look at the price
But now look at that register, everything in here slight
Mmm, cause I'm John doing a hype
Look at how the moral of the story, but don't see its advice
It's right, it's like life is like a glass egg
Tryna maintain while coming to fame and keeping your last friends
Yeah, you know that balance of
Cause who on your back or who got your back
I promise the line is this thin [?] really
You know that balance of
Cause who on your back or who got your back
I promise the line is this thin

(I got this glass egg somehow on the top of this, balanced, on the top of this mountain, you know?
I don't know how I got it there exactly, but I see it's there and I got to end this with the right feeling)


OK, good business with mad friends (and we say we never change)
But bad business with mad friends, aha, glass egg
Look at the years invested, who would have figured or guessed it (pa[?])
Look at you there's the Contra kept the cold but you got extra men
Told you I would get this straight, told you once I got big
It's lonely at the top by the population looking in, ahh
Then I got my deal
Started wondering if them peoples with me are for real (sometimes the mighty let the devil in)
Yeah, now salutations to my former friends
Forming to form against me is currently your form of defense
And now it hurts me to say, sometimes your sandbox [?] equipped for dirty exchange, now was it
[?] or that bling in a hurt or sustain at curtain calls, one of two that either boo or bouquets, so was it
Worth of your fam or worth all tha fame
Exchange your personal relationships for personal gains
I'm telling you, balance is a bitch
Cause when you're back, who got your back
I promise the line is this thin, really, uh
I'm telling you about [?]
Cause when you're back, who got your back
Sometimes that line don't exist, I'm out

[Hook x2]


The Bloom (AG3)

Good morning, baby
I thank God I'm alive to greet you with the sun
She is but a flower, and I love her cause she--
And we both agree this rap shit is all me
But the seed of this beautiful world is ours
My black mind, dream big and follow through even bigger
15 years of slavery for you lady
I put in work to be your nigga
May the sun kiss you, unconditional
I pray each and every lyric get to you
On this third rendition
For you and your ambition both, bloom

[Hook - Stokley Williams:]
Baby, let your hair down, let it loose
There's no need to be scared now, cause I'm with you
And there's no judgement here, love, you are free
To be as wild and crazy as you wanna be
So baby let me see you bloom for me

To whom it may concern
Let me thank your mom for the beauty you inherited
Let me call her up and be like, "Excuse me Mrs. Um...
You don't know me, but...
Thank you for your flower, but I'm tryna be your sun"
Now wait, wait, I know what you're 'bout to say
Male entertainers entertain everything
But that ain't the case, let me put it this way:
If I'm tryna see you bloom, why would I do it with shade?
Don't play, uh, nah I won't stay long
The pollution that you use to I illuminate such
Beautiful the evolution of your bud
Remove your make-up I need that human nature
Look, me and you just ain't enough
We fruitful as youth let's accumulate some
Tell me 'bout your roots, and how you've came up
I call you my flower, cause you're my boo
K? Good!


(Be my flower, I'll be your sun)
Let me see you bloom for me

Just let me hold you in a dark place
And when it's cold let me warm thee
I know we both come from hard times
Cause I'm aroused you a rose of the concrete
Thorns on fleek
Study and I go on three, I can hit quick or chill and give you energy
Fresh out of college and they sweat you, now you got degrees
Busy to follow me i'm tryna pollinate so won't you holla when it's gotta be
Honey, sweet thing, let's get into it, we can do whatever
Be it intellect or intimate, levitate your habitat, just know who you dealin' with
This sort of photosynthesis don't show up with the filter in ya
Love, me and you just ain't enough, we fruitful as youth let's accumulate some
Tell me 'bout your roots, and how you've came up
I call you my flower, cause you my boo, k? good!


You don't have to worry about comfort, I'm the safest place that you wanna be
No longer do you have to wonder, just open up and spread your wings
Eh oh baby, won't you (bloom bloom)
Eh baby, won't you (bloom, bloom, bloom, bloom)
Eh baby, won't you (bloom bloom)
Eh baby, won't you (bloom bloom)
Eh baby, won't you (bloom bloom)


The Matrimony

[Hook - Usher:]
If there's a question of my heart, you've got it
It don't belong to anyone but you
If there's a question of my love, you've got it
Baby don't worry, I've got plans for you
Baby, I've been making plans, oh love
Baby, I've been making plans
Baby, I've been making plans
Baby, I've been making plans for you

My sincerest apologies, I mean it
I'll admit it, all being pathetic
I'm in my late 20s still never been to a wedding
Guess the idea of that lobby empty do not sit with me well
It's not your fault they try to get me, cause I'ma need to sail
Cause I'm selfish and I need you to myself
Tryna see you afloat but don't wanna see you on sale
Cause I failed and see you bout to cry
Cause when I enter they city they leave without they pride
And I'm sorry, and you starin' at my comments
Fearin' it's gone always be you sharin' me with all them
Wrong, how dare I say ignore them
Preparing for that day, I leave you here and switch you for them
It's hard, you know temptation and all
Out here tryna see if my relationship's strong
Get a place in the charts or runaway from your heart
Gave this music my all, nothing is sacred no more
I'm wrong
But I'm promisin' you better though
And your friends sayin' let him go
And we ain't gettin' any younger
I can give up now but I can promise you forever though


I'll admit it, let me be hypothetic
The day I find a women I prolly be scared to share it
The idea of me finding love would run somebody off
And true my wall could use some plaques but still I got the floors
Brush you off, see I'm kinda lost
Now I'm up in the club with a couple of Move On's
And dark, troubled heart
Went from fallin' in love to drunk and fallin' apart
This is hard, tryna find some time to move on
Cause when we lost our baby, I got shady she got too dark
Soft, and I thank you baby, you strong
My ex before you married to, you solo I say so long
Nah, good terms how that ended
But it surely put a dent in how I worry about this business
Off white picket fences, more flights with the children
On site stealin' kisses on off nights my intentions
But, I plan to do it better though
But you still sayin' let it go
We ain't gettin' any younger
Women love me now but in your eyes we forever though



The Body

[Hook 1 (x2) - Jeremih:]
Baby you got a body like a Benz
And I'm just tryna drive it once again

[Verse 1 - Wale:]
Shawty can I fill your tank, yeah
I start of with that "What you drinkin'?"
Pardon if I'm road raging
But I know you heard my drive is crazy
Yeah, let me pace that, with some patience
Let me do it till I fill every void
You're like a Maybach, thinking damn, they ain't even make 'em like you no more
It's like a high beam gleaming through your eye (bling)
I can door you up, baby suicide
A little wordplay, I'm hoping I can make you smile
Least until I'm out of line like a DUI
Girl you remind me of my Jeep
Can I see what's up with that G-Wagon
Can I take you off of these streets
To the side of me, I'm tryna see your hazards
Tryna be with the baddest, won't be the fastest
Gotta make it last, I hope you comfortable
I need to get to you, you're like a 62
A little work, then it's curtains when I'm skrrtin' through
Came through in the brw, tryna leave in the coupe
That mean I gots a few, but I believe in you
Tryna chase the cat, know I'm killin' the dog
You ain't feeling me naw, that mean I don't need the roof

[Hook 2 - Jeremih & Wale:]
You remind me of my Jeep, I wanna ride it
You something like my car
I got the keys to them, I need the keys to you

[Pre-Hook - Jeremih:]
You put on a show, you don't need no clothes
Give me little bit more, always take it slow
I know you don't wanna stop, I'm tryna make it go
Now speed it up like a Maserati, and look at me and pose

[Hook 1 (x2) - Jeremih:]
Baby you got a body like a Benz
And I'm just tryna drive it once again

[Verse 3 - Wale:]
A good woman is scarce to us
And I wasn't prepared to love
And it sound crazy, but your miles crazy
I'm just here cause your character good (truth be told)
A good nigga is rare to her (truth be told)
You heard it all but hear this love
One night with dude, I be the reason you cute
So let me know am I clear enough, yeah wassup
Way I, way I, that's the way I think
Shawty straight like, a concert on Bay Orange street
In the morning I slide over, she needs a ride I'm like
"Tight, let's keep it AMG"
Slidin' down, precipitating is straight
Top down, let me kiss your physique
I'm diggin' your flee, I'm checkin' your gear
Can tell you had a good year, spent a grip on your feet
She like when I drive it, I like it in park
Pull that thing over you likely to sore
I got her floating like riding on stars
So I keep it GPS, see where this going
Nothing will stop it, I slide in no problem
Ch-ch-chop it, my swipe your parts
Sections her weapon, my snake in her garden
So know when I'm not here the viper is on

[Pre-Hook - Jeremih:]
You put on a show, you don't need no clothes
Give me little bit more, always take it slow
I know you don't wanna stop, I'm tryna make it go
Now speed it up like a Maserati, and look at me and pose

[Hook 1 (x2) - Jeremih:]
Baby you got a body like a Benz
And I'm just tryna drive it once again
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