Hard In Da Paint (Remix) Lyrics by Waka Flocka Flame

Waka Flocka Flame Lyrics

Hard In Da Paint (Remix) Lyrics
[Verse 1: Wocka Flocka]
I go hard in the mufkin paint nigga
Leave you stankin nigga
What the fuk u thankin nigga
I won't die for this shit or wat the f*ck I say (Brick squad)
Front yard broad day with da SK (ba ba ba ba ba ba bow)
See Gucci, that's my mufkin nigga
I hang in the dale with dem hit squad killers
Waka flaka flame one hood ass nigga
Ridin real slow bendin corners my nigga

Gotta main bitch (and) Gotta mistress (what else?)
A couple girlfriends, I'm so hood rich
Keep my dick hard and keep me smokin [coughing]
You'll get bills free shawty no jkin
Ey wat I stand for? Flocka! (Brick squad)
I'm a die for this shawty man I swear to god
In the trap with some killers and some hood niggas (Wassup?)
Where u at? where your trap? u ain't hood nigga
Keep this shit 300, put that shit on my hood
Crips f*ckin with me, G's n the vice lords (Brrrreett)
Eses in the meeko freestyle off the dome
Brick squad Waka Flocka flame it's f*ckin on!

[Verse 2: Ciara]
I go hard, I go hard in the A boy
Don't play boy, optim on the way boy
First name multi platnum last name triple threat
Seven years in the game and I ain't even finished yet
Bringing princes from the A and ain't nobody blockin that
This is for my girls who be pop pop popping that
Waka flocka that's my mufkin partna
Shoot game sick, so sick call the doctor
Still rock gucci and I roll with gucci
Camera stay rolling you would think I'm in the movies
Long legs daisy dukes, get em georgia peaches out
Thickest corn bread, yeah that's how we do it in the south
I use to be the one with the cookie jar
Now these goodies taste better wen they in ya (ow)
Just ask about me yeah my name ring penny bells
Eastside, westside in the ATL
I know I've been away for to long
Yeah I got my shit brighten, now it's on (it's ciara hoe)

I go hard, I go hard in the A boy
Don't play boy, optim on the way boy
I go hard, I go hard in the A boy
Don't play boy, optim on the way boy

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