Micro Logic Lyrics by Uncle Slam

Uncle Slam Lyrics

Micro Logic Lyrics
You say there's impracticality in our adult society
A frozen futuristic, optimistic, illogistic dream
Leave it to invention to create a war prevention
Method using boms to right wrongs
Relieving all the tensions
Always waiting contemplating watching all the people racing
Through their lives I've seen all types
Don't think they're worth replacing
Up and Down the avenues they're always leaving little clues
To indicate stupidity evaporate humanity
Hey Braindead let's pull the switch for fun

Ditching school just playing it cool
Got plenty of rocket fuel to burn
Like dynamite right out of sight
2010 is doing me right
Blasting past the speed of light
Our scanning space to find a light
This dream is better than any high
That's passed on through my mind
I find the key to all time and space
I blast into depths of outer space
I find the answer to eternal life
I seed myself then all space is mine

Microchips and acid trips are learning tools
For yearning fools
To complicate incinerate a mind that's not worth saving
BEWARE Harsh reality
BEWARE Darkest destiny

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