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The Uncle Bill Roach Band Lyrics

A Cowgirl Needs More Than an 8 Second Ride Lyrics

Words and Music by Mike Slagle

Well just outa college is when I hit the road
I was goiní way too fast I got overexposed
And I met all kinds of women from all over the world
Then one night in Fort Worth , I met my first cowgirl

I learned a cowgirl needs more than an 8 second ride
It takes a special kinda guy to keep her satisfied
I know you donít believe me but believe me Iíve tried
There ainít nothin Ď better than a cowgirl by your side
And ridiní a wild bull ainít enough to justify
No, A cowgirl needs more than an 8 second ride

My son told me the other day he wants to rodeo
Well heís got his boots and hat aníheís got his dogginí rope
I said, let me give you some advice before you do that
When you meet a cowgirl better hang onto your hat.


Well I may not be a pretty boy and I may not have a dime
And I may have hit the dirt one too many times
But I dusted myself off and I took another turn
I may not have learned much but thereís one thing that I learned


Yea! You know what Iím talkiní about

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