Hazel Theme Song Lyrics

Hazel Theme Lyrics

Hazel Lyrics by Howard Greenfield and Jack Keller
[TV show used instrumental version for the opening, however lyrics exist for the song]

(The closing credits during the first eight shows of the first season played the song with lyrics sung by The Modernaires)

Who's the gal that's everybody's pal
It's Hazel
She's the one can make the sun begin to glow
The mailman, the grocer, and even school kids know
It's worth their while to stop and watch that smile
When Hazel, that Hazel
When Hazel, that Hazel
When Hazel says Hello

Alternate Version:

People love you everywhere you go
Children cross the street to say hello,

You charm every Romeo and Casanova,
It's your personality that wins them over.

You may never be a millionaire
Count your friends and you don't have a care,

You've got more than wealth untold,
You've got a heart of solid gold.
We love you, Hazel,
Just because you're you.
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