Friends (Sigmund and the Seamonsters Theme Song Lyrics

Friends (Sigmund and the Seamonsters Theme Lyrics

Friends (Sigmund and the Seamonsters Lyrics
There's nothing like a day out on the beach
When all it does is rain
You need somebody to make the sun come out again.
When you find that special someone you never expected to
It'll make you believe in magic
It could change your life for you.

Talkin' about friends (friends, friends)
Knockin' at your door.
Friends (friends, friends)
That's what friends are for
Friends if you're young or old
Friends (friends friends).

Talkin' about friends (friends, friends)
That's what it's all about.
Friends (friends, friends)
Can't live without
Friends who won't let you down
Friends (friends friends).
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