Young Money Lyrics by Tyga

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Young Money Lyrics
Bitch I'm Young Money [x17]

Who's the hottest niggas out boy?
We coud buy you niggas out if we really wanted
Car transforming
The grill george foreman
Well I paid for it, your house plus mortgage
Raps boring
And youu niggas ain't even touring
I just bought a flight bitch and had a bitch touring
My swagg soaring
Sharper the source award, award's... award me, best horror
Willy wank'ya
Welcome to my chocolate f*ckers
Cheery pop em, like bouble wrap in the boxing
That girl bapper between in all the hommies watch'ya
Binaculars, the only way u gonna see me partner
My life is awsome
I'm on so you know she offward
I'm in my zone, home girl, stop cock blocking
Bitch roasters on my watch, ruby's tick tocking
Young money gobblins
We're a f*cking problem

Bitch I'm Young Money [x17]
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