I'm On One Lyrics by Tyga

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I'm On One Lyrics
All these niggas stealing swag
I've been getting tats since I was 14
Tell my bitch "throw it in the bag"
22 for the Balmain jeans
I'm smoking, these niggas, they needing nicotine
Rat race, first place, famous like a Kennedy
All my diamonds lemonade, hearts stay below degrees
Too many bitches marry them all: polygamy
Make a waterfall: Yosemite
Highest underrated nigga, I don't need you rating me
Sold out shows way before this shit was BET
Knocking at my front door
Bitches trying to peek and see
Last Kings, YMCMB: you know the team
Just counted 50 thou in my Waldorf suite
Man, this life's too f*ckin easy
Ferrari red all over, call it Santa bleeding
Hype dreaming, put the reality key in
All we do is win: every day and f*cking weekend
Me and my bitch riding around, bumping The Weeknd
You don't wanna feature me?
I'm a eat your beat then
Spit it back out, it's nasty
She don't wanna swallow kids but she loves gagging
High-fashion, ass models and beauty pageants
Young Aladdin, Versace carpet
I need a Jasmine
Tour bus riding, got a show up in Dallas
Like a Maverick, Louis V print fabric
Man, I swear these niggas moving backwards
I'm moving faster
Tell the niggas put "original" in all my captions
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