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I'm On It (Remix) Lyrics
[DJ Khaled:]
Ayo Tyga,
This the remix
Young money, cash money, let's go

Snap back chin up, gold chain nigga
It's the remix nigga

I'm on it like fish, [?] hot ice spill it
Circumcised with the money, skin back, peel it
Don't scissor dance, that look don't fit me
My tongues worth fighting, Madonna, Britney
Covered in this money, I swear we was f*cking
Gimme good pounds, no in course lovin'
I'm just blowing money fast, do it just like [?]
I'm the baddest bitch, young money, excited

[Too Short:]
I love the expression on the face of a hater
Mad at the way I chase paper
You can hate a pimp and try to stop the show
Don't talk about a hoe if you ain't got no dough
I'm slick, the way I get the game about a chick
If it ain't about money bitch it ain't about shit
You can give it to me, or we can get it together
Kick the pussy, cause I can hit it whenever
I think it's lame when you're f*cking for free
But things gon' change when you're f*cking with me
I ain't wanna say it when you're bumping the beat
Short Dog will have you humping the sheets

Yeah, I'm on it
I'm on it, I'm on it
I'm on it, I'm on it
If you talking bout money bitch

Niggas know that Brooklyn, bullshit I'm on it
Cash money millions, damn right I want it
Diamonds on my neck, glitted up, yeah I'm flaunting
Pull up in that V, never seen what you call it
Homie, I'm a beast, niggas fear me like the Lochness
Ask about me, girl my reputation's spotless
Certified grind with the mind of a shooter
Rollin' in them trucks, big guns yeah bazooka's
Caught up in that life though, women in my life know
Charged up like I took a couple shots of nitro
Shits different colours like candy assorted
Talking bout money, you already know I'm on it

Yeah, I cook it up
You ain't cooking me
Look at you, now look at me
Me, I'm top down with the AC
Vegas, you still playing AC (damn)
I'm Varsity, you still playing Jay-V
Ay, your jewelery you still paying Macy's (weirdo)
If he say that he know me, he lying hun
And I play with a band, a diamond one

Yeah, I'm on it
I'm on it, I'm on it
I'm on it, I'm on it
If you talking bout money bitch

[Nipsey Hussle:]
Look, I'm in G-R-I-N-D mode
On a scale of 1 to 10 my mic check is three fours
I rock my own brand so I don't ever need clothes
And me and tyga, tyga running laps around these hoes
I party every night cause I get paid to do shows
And I can f*ck off a rack on one tack and two songs
I used to gang bang but now I just gain dough
So if money is the topic, it's a go

Ahh, niggas ain't shit these days
Friend or foe motherf*cker he real, she fake
Cheques coming in, Cash it like Clay
New car sweet taste, colour cream brulay, ahh
Pay more for the Leroy glow
Girls think it's all the same
The f*cking broke boys know
Put myself up on game
Now my game gon swole
Young Money World Tour
Now my team on 'roid's
Rolls Royce baby, I'm on it

[Chorus: Tyga]
I'm on it, I'm on it
I'm on it, I'm on it
If you talking bout money bitch
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