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Good Day Lyrics
[Intro: Lil Wayne]
I ain't had to kill nobody
I ain't had to kill nobody

[Bridge: Lil Wayne]
Today was a good day
I ain't had to kill nobody
I ain't had to kill nobody
I ain't had to kill nobody

[Verse 1: Tyga]
T-Raw killa, that nigga catpillar
One hitter, only hit bad bitches that's thriller
King Hakim, YM last king
Nigga sending out shouts, I'mma need a Jordan ring
F*ck you mean this is really mean
Gotti after life
Future looking bright, bitches crack tongue on the pipe
I don't wanna see you twerk, we about that f*ck life
Got a Asian ho, pussy go deep, Jerry Rice
I'm a dope nigga, give a D, dope dealer
Don't play with the grave digger, that's RZA
Aks my bitch, she tell you ain't no nigga
Like the one I got, dick game gorilla
Bag in my bag like a Philly nigga clip
Came extended grip, armor's with the ruga, easy ruthless
Nigga with a attitude, my enemies is 2 shits
Don't give 2 shits but you gon make a nigga pull it
But shit


[Hook: Lil Wayne]
Shoot you in yo memory bank, memorize it
Today was a good day
Cuz I ain't had to kill nobody
No I ain't had to kill nobody
But I shoot you in yo memory bank, memorize it

[Verse 2: Lil Wayne]
Duct tape, duct tape
Cover his mouth with duct tape
Check a nigga like a motherf*ckin update
Where the safe nigga point to it
I catch a case, I wanna know who threw it
And my main bitches speak fluent
I keep the feds busy
I got the bread, never fed pigeons
Even though I get pissed off I shit on y'all
We gon sip champagne out your skull
I can't stand these niggas, I'm bout to fall
Got my girl her shoes with the spikes, volleyball
F*ck with Holygrove, it's gon be a holocaust
Hoes see me shinin, now they actin like a moth
YMCM bizzy, why I'm always busy
I done got too big headed for the crown to fit me
But I got my niggas with me and we got our skateboards
TTYL, thank thank You Lord
Amen, cuz uh



[Verse 3: Meek Mill]
My dawg hit me yesterday, got 15 keys
And he gon let em all go for 15 G's
She said she want a perc I look at her like bitch please
And I show that ho up it like you ain't tryna flip these
Yea I'm back nigga
Sellin all these bricks
And if my homies sell you one you better tell nobody shit
I tell them I'm back nigga
Rockin all these jewels and I be ridin through my hood like I ain't got nothing to lose, shit
You thinking because I rap I won't go buy them bricks
Give em to my dawg and let him do all kind of shit
Like take a point out, then put a point in
I f*ck yo main ho and all my homies joined in
I'm getting money, must be the Iluminati
They think I signed up cuz I just bought a new Ferrari
But they said they want my mind, soul and my body
And I looked at that nigga crazy and then I shot him (BAH)


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