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From the Album Diamonds Are Forever (2011) (buy at
Diamonds Are Forever
Can I
Waist So Skinny
No More

From the Album Amazin' (2010) (buy at

That's My Attitude
Million Dollar Girl
On Da Hush
I Want It All
White Girl
My Bitches
By Myself
Make Way
Let Dem Hoes Fight
Showing Out

From the Album Who's Bad? (2009) (buy at
Who's Bad?
Thug Life

From the Album Still The Baddest (2008) (buy at

Still Da Baddest
Killing You Hoes
Single Again
Look Back At Me
I Got A Thang For You
I Got A Bottle
Wish I Never Met You
Clear It Out
Stop Traffic
Phone Sexx
Hot Commodity
I Got A Problem (Best Buy Bonus Track)
Lame (Best Buy Bonus Track)
You Ain't Nothing (Khia Diss] [iTunes Bonus Track)
Don't Go (Wal-Mart Bonus Track)

From the Album Rockstarr Royalty (2008) (buy at
Rockstarr Royalty
Hottest Chick In The Game
It Aint Enough
Grey Goose
Lip Gloss (From "Rockstarr Royalty" Mixtape)
B R Right
Rich (From "Rockstarr Royalty" Mixtape)
So Many Memories
Don't Go

From the Album Rock Starr (2007) (buy at
Rock Starr
What's Beef
Way I Felt

From the Album Glamorest Life (2005) (buy at

Sum Mo
Don't Trip
Here We Go
Sexy Gurl
Da Club
It's Your B-Day
I Gotta
Throw It Back
50/50 Love
So Fresh
Reach Out
Lil Mama

From the Album Diamond Princess (2002) (buy at

Told Y'all
Rewind That Back
B R Right
U & Me
Nasty Bitch
No Panties
I Wanna Holla
How We Do?
Ladies 1st
Get This Money
Do You Want Me?

From the Album Da Baddest Bitch (2000) (buy at

Da Baddest Bitch
If You With Me
Niggas Ain't Shit
Off The Chain With It
69 Ways
Ball Wit Me
Watch Yo Back
Off Glass
I'll Always
I Don't Need U
I Need
Take Me

Other Songs:
Bad Diva
Every Girl (Remix)
Feels Good
Gangsta Queens (Blade II Soundtrack)
Going Ham
Good Pussy
Hold My Drink
I'm On One Remix
Leaving You
My Secret
Pull Over
Put It On Top
Rest Of Them (Lil Wayne Diss)
Rich Girl
Shawty Say
Single Again (Remix) (feat. Lil' Wayne, Rick Ross, Plies)
Single Again (Remix) (feat. Erin Christine)
Stop Playing On My Phone

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