Tracie Spencer Lyrics

Tracie Spencer Lyrics

From the Album Tracie (1999) (buy at
If You Wanna Get Down
It's All About You (Not About Me)
Feelin' You
Still In My Heart
No Matter
Nothing Broken But My Heart
Not Gonna Cry
It's On Tonight
Love To You

From the Album Make The Difference (1990) (buy at
Make The Difference
This House
Save Your Love
Tender Kisses
Too Much Of Nothing
Double O Rhythm
You Make The Difference
This Time Make It Funky
I Like That
I Have A Song To Sing
Sweeter Love
Love Me

From the Album Tracie Spencer (1988) (buy at
Tracie Spencer
Symptoms Of True Love
In My Dreams
Because Of You

Other Songs:
It's All About You (Not About Me) (Remix)

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