Unconditional Love Lyrics by Tower Of Power

Tower Of Power Lyrics

Unconditional Love Lyrics
I used to be a part of lover
Just drop in everyone since a while
I had to do with undercover … yes I did
That was just my style

Now I have the strangest feeling
This love that’s really got me really
Everything we do is together
This love I have for you is forever ooh…

Unconditional love, unconditional
That is what I have for you
Here’s my position of love, unconditional
Love is what I have for you

Never care about tomorrow
I only thought about what I could get today
I left behind a tread of sorrow hm…
That was just my way

Still it didn’t even come close
To feel in up that all and my soul
Now I had a change apart
Girl I hope that we will never apart


You love me I love you
And that’s the way it’s falls to be
Together forever from now to eternity

Chorus – Fade out

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