T.L.C Lyrics by Tory Lanez

Tory Lanez Lyrics

T.L.C Lyrics
Also known as a busta

[Verse 1:]
F*ck it I admit it I did it to get it
I wrote you a song and then did you wrong
I hit it and quit it forget that I did it
You'll probably call me a busta by the end of this song (busta)
But I ain't gon' act like there wasn't a time when I wasn't that guy
And you treated me like a nigga that sits on the passenger side (passenger side)
You and girls were screaming that y'all don't want no scrubs (no scrubs)
I was the nigga that wanted you but ain't get no love (no love from me)
Then I made a decision I'm with it it's wrriten
When I catch you slippin I'm gon' do you wrong
So I done came up now I got my cake up now
But I cannot forget all the times you used to say to me

[Hook: x2]
No I don't want no scrubs (do you remeber that?)
A scrub is a guy that can't get no love from me (do you remember that?)
Sitting on the passenger side (cause I remember that)
Of his best friend's ride trying to holla at me (you and all your friends would say)

[Verse 2:]
You see I was the nigga that was all on the side of his best friend's ride (best friend's ride)
See my pockets were thinner and my dollars were slimmer
When I asked for your digits you simply replied (no scrubs)
So I finally waited I waited for you
Plotting the way I'm gonna do it and waiting for you to fall trough
I pulled up on you in that rental but you tought that shit was mine
And that's when you came up and gave me your number it's sick just to know
But I ain't play timid it's guaranteed that we did it
The first night I came over she had me in her room
And all that I'm thinking is look what a car can do
Look at me getting you outside your pants and you used to say

[Hook x2]

F*ck it let's take this shit deeper back to the day that I seen ya
First time we... you knew I was schemin
You knew I was leavin so who's to believe in
Back with a vengeance I was a brand new beamer
You bust the windows out my car f*cking you
Jasmine Sullivan attitude Jimmy Choo's getting rude
Eyes attitude passing by with your different dudes different crews
Used to see shit eye to eye we got different views different views

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