Niggas Talk (Skit) Lyrics by Tory Lanez

Tory Lanez Lyrics

Niggas Talk (Skit) Lyrics
[Phone ringing]
Yo yo Fargo
Ayo Fargo
"What's good man"
Yo I got some news for you boy you not gon' believe this shit my nigga
"What the f*ck you got to say to me?"
Aye so you remember [?] right? Remember that one joint that was wining and dining ya ya
"Make it to the motherf*cking point man"
Aight aight my nigga chill chill, aight she be hanging with Jilessa, Jilessa friend with Keisha, and Keisha found out that she was f*cking with Jilessa
"Where you going with this shit?"
Basically they trying to set you up my brother, trying to keep it G with you, you part of the brotherhood
"That's what the f*ck you called my phone for my nigga?"
Aye don't shoot the messenger my nigga I'm just trying to be a good samaritan and tell yo ass, I could be a f*ck nigga right now my nigga by not telling you nothing
"Man I appreciate it man shit"
What you need to do my nigga is go outside nigga get a bitch nigga get something nigga go cheat or something Lil' Kesha said...

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