Letters To The City Lyrics by Tory Lanez

Tory Lanez Lyrics

Letters To The City Lyrics
Yeah, new you
(New Toronto)
New Toronto
(Tory Lanez, and like that
We gone)

Shot one of my closest niggas over nothing
Overheard discussions niggas talk about it
Try to be the greatest sell a billion records
Standing right with God is the best way of going 'bout it
Think it's time I take this time to give them blessings
Niggas stressing
Niggas can't see the situation they getting blessed in
Came a ways from, robbing niggas with them Smith and Wessons
Gotta understand, shows selling out, hoes yelling out
Far from my coke shooting, dope selling routes
I kicked it with niggas there was no tellin' 'bout
Some Armenian thugs that blow melons out
I used to play the corner while niggas was playing on it
I had to stay informed and study just playing dormant
Back when I was trying to set the plan with Jay and Lawrence
I knew I was 'bout to be major
But f*ck it that's just a page in the booklet
He's just the name and the story, you gotta pay your respects
I had to pay it in glory, I would play the block slow
Till the corner block corner shop closed
And play the slots in the winter until I'm snot nosed
Abandoned bastard I was stranded
I guess that was the cards that I was handed
Sleeping in the back of broken vans and lands
With both hands inside my lane
And nigga that's just where I landed
Camping out was always standing out
I was that nigga that done branched out
I was that nigga so I've spoken 'bout
The brand that these niggas that got focused
They had they hands out

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