Jalissa's Friends Pt.2 (Skit) Lyrics by Tory Lanez

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Jalissa's Friends Pt.2 (Skit) Lyrics
Yeah, this nigga [phone ringing]... hold on, I'm 'bout to call her right now because this nigga is dead dirty
[Jalissa:] Hello?
[Her Friend:] Jalissa!
[Jalissa:] Huh?
[Her Friend:] Jalissa, girl, get up
[Jalissa:] I'm up
[Her Friend:] No, forreal, get up. I got some real tea for you
[Jalissa:] Okay I'm up what happened?
[Her Friend:] You is not going to believe what I just heard!
[Jalissa:] What you heard, bro?
[Her Friend:] This nigga, Tory!
[Jalissa:] This nigga Tory what?
[Her Friend:] This nigga Tory is f*cking with your best friend
[Jalissa:] Girl, who's my best friend?
[Her Friend:] Girl, you know who your best friend is... Keisha
[Jalissa:] No...
[Her Friend:] Yes he is how you going to tell me my nigga I just got off the
[Jalissa:] How you going to tell me
[Her Friend:] Whatever I'm tryna put you on
[Jalissa:] Alright, so what you heard?
[Her Friend:] I was just speaking to Towanda
[Jalissa:] Mhm...
[Her Friend:] And she told me that
[Jalissa:] What?
[Her Friend:] She seen them
[Jalissa:] Seen them where?
[Her Friend:] My nigga at the end of the day it is what it is like she's f*cking with this nigga you need to check her (Check that bitch)
[Jalissa:] Wait Keisha's downstairs right now
[Her Friend:] My nigga, what?
[Jalissa:] If she's f*cking with this nigga I'm going to find out right now
[Her Friend:] Facts
[Jalissa:] And we going to f*ck all that shit up... right now
[Her Friend:] Facts
[Jalissa:] Facts
[Her Friend:] Facts
[Jalissa:] Yeah... Facts
[Her Friend:] It's over... Facts

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