Faded (Freestyle) Lyrics by Tory Lanez

Tory Lanez Lyrics

Faded (Freestyle) Lyrics
I'm stunnin got a bitch cummin
Whip doors peel like a mothaf*ckin onion
Know a nigga higher than the whole Grand Canyon
Break a tree down like my name Paul Bunyon
Rude broad with me gotta try new things
Lil nigga fly like I tried two wings
Playground pussy try to ride new springs
And I made her sit on it like my new swing
Do that, bitch nigga you that
I be gettin brain, you be tryna pursue that
That my old book and you be tryna renew that
F*ck nigga who that, know it ain't me though
Lookin for a husband you know it ain't me hoe
Tryna get the green but no it ain't Cee-Lo
Stuntin is a habit
Diamond carrot like a rabbit
Niggas and these bitches ratchet
Got your bitch inside my basket
Man I'm a f*ckin G, a mothaf*ckin G
You can be the one I'm f*ckin but you still can f*ck with me
My life A plus and my chicks a double D
And I'm reppin SLS til the death, nigga we be
Stuntin in the mall
Tints on the back from the front a nigga bald
Bitch on my back I'm a beast I'm a dawg, f*ckin warthog
This a feast, this a ball, let a nigga ride
This that east side west end shit niggas crave on
Let a nigga guap raise on til the day gone
Niggas at the top better have they game face on
I be at the hot spot swave with the lace on
Let a nigga be tho
Everything big from the dick to the ego
8 niggas tryna send shots, reload
Homie you can have her, I don't touch stee hoes
Skeet skeet skeet
Niggas cheat cheat cheat
And I'm movin these hoes like beep
Money so long man this a nice streak
Waiter in a thong tell her bring the iced tea
Talk on the road is that your wifey
Talk on the road is that she like me
Nice got that Cocoa like they Ice-T
How you f*ckin niggas tryna be they wifey
Bust that pussy open like a bad one
Send them hoes home when the cab come
Tell them stupid niggas take a nap son
Ya'll ain't shootin to kill, half done
Baby say I'm better than the average
Claimin shell be better than my last bitch
I told her you can't be my f*ckin lady
Cause right now I'm f*ckin swavey

I'm f*ckin swavey nigga
I'm so swavey that your bitch wanna date me
And I'm lookin like a lazy motherf*cker on my couch
Bitches like ouch, come and get a nigga cheese like a mouse
Bitches on my dick and I'm all in they house
All in your fridge cause I need a sandwich
Back to the neverland ranch back again
With a tuna sandwich
And I ain't talkin money like who the man is

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