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Tornado Lyrics

Fight To Win Lyrics

Aliluia, Kirie Eleison...

God, be my Witness
I will fight till the end of bloody tyranny
We shall kill our enemies
All these evil lords of the dark reality

Bloodshed and daeth for innocent children
Rivers are full of tears and blood
We shall stop these hordes of evil
We shall stop this Genocide

Bring the sword, and come into the war
Want You, please, God take my hand
Fight to Win, believe in Victory
For the Glory and a Faith
Of immortal Fatherland!
Fatherland! Oh, Fatherland!

Fight against the tyranny
We shall stop these bloody rituals of death
Fight to break up slavery
Break these chains, and be Alive Free Man!

Kill the traitors!
Kill the invaders!
Fight, fight to Win!
Fight for Fatherland!
Fight, fight to Win!
Fight against the death
Monsters from Bloodhall
Cannibals and dogs of war!

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