Beulah Land Lyrics by Tori Amos

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Beulah Land Lyrics
Beulah land
got a wasted gun
licorice man
I'll sum you up
thumbs up
got something in that sand
beulah girl
you been hitchin me up
got some candy
and a sweet sing
give me religion
and a lobotomy
beulah land
you beautiful whore
tell me when
i don't need you anymore
said that somewhere
you're gonna get something here
so you're right in the middle
and then i'm you
something is coming back again
i said
maybe i don't wanna go to where you're not, and so
beulah land
gonna find me a worm
a place to bathe this body on down
got a rubber board
and a crocodile
gonna float
on past your home
say when
just say when
just say when.
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