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Tony Sly Lyrics

From the Album Sad Bear (2011) (buy at

Dark Corner
Devonshire And Crown
Discomfort Inn
Hey God
Burgies, Basics And You
In The End
Frances Stewart
The Monster And The Devil
Flying South
San Mateo Fog Line

From the Album 12 Song Program (2010) (buy at

Capo, 4th Fret
Via Munich
The Shortest Pier
Already Won
Toaster In The Bathtub
Love, Sick Love
Second Act (End Credits)

From the Album Acoustic (Joey Cape/Tony Sly) (2004) (buy at

International You Day
Not Your Savior
Stunt Double
Justified Black Eye
On The Outside

Other Songs:
Chemical Upgrade (from 7" Split w/ Joey Cape)


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