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Wondering Lyrics
I was alone when you came into my life
I thought you were the one to open up my eyes
But now I see you were just neglecting me
How can you do this to me
Cause I did not abuse your love
You took my heart and you tore it apart
And I tried to explain my love to you
But it seems your love wasn't true

Wondering if this love we had is true
And I'm wondering was it me or you
Wondering where did it go wrong
And I'm wondering how it lasted so long

There was a time when I thought that you were mine
Just a touch, your love was in my mind
You took my heart and you tore my soul apart
Why'd you use me from the start
You used to lie to me
Cause you said the truth would hurt me
And your thoughts were always wrong
But my love for you was so strong

Chorus (2x)

Girl you know what I needed
I needed some of that good lovin'
Yeah baby, the one that only you can give me
Only you, but now you're gone
And this love affair of ours is over

My friends tell me that her love was never true
But I always thought it would be something new
But she kept my love suspended like a puppet on a string
But tell me babe, did you really love me
You know what I needed
I needed your love

Chorus (2x)

Este amor, no sera para me
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