The Tim Version Lyrics

The Tim Version Lyrics

From the Album Decline Of The Southern Gentleman (2008) (buy at

Bitter Greens
Shin Splints

From the Album Prohibition Starts Tomorrow (2003) (buy at
Prohibition Starts Tomorrow
3/22 Is National Quit Your Job Day
Stale Coffee
Fluid Mechanics
Let The Bastardization Begin...
The Natural Light Theory
No More Star Tattoos
Solid Rock Church Of Jesus
Dungeons & Dragqueens
Gallons Of Style

From the Album Creating Forces That Don't Exist (2000) (buy at
Creating Forces That Don't Exist
No Answers
Shit Rock
Hardcore Drugs Made Me A Better Person
"Background" Music
What Nothing Said
The Only Band That Puts Iced Tea In Whiskey Bottles
Brave New World
First Curse
Last Day
Closer Than

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