Clock Strikes Lyrics by Timbaland And Magoo

Timbaland And Magoo Lyrics

Clock Strikes Lyrics
Yo... dot da dot dot dot party ain't over
Uh huh what uh huh what?
Dot dot dot da party ain't over
Diggi do uh huh what? Uh huh what the party ain't over
Uh huh what yeah what... diggi diggi diggi diggi diggi...

I'ma kill you all like O.J.
Diss Maganoo for real you must pay
Listen to the way my rap flow delay
His mama named him Clay I'ma call him Clay
Back of the bus, with Rosa Parks
Too much to say, watch my remarks
South to VA, up side to Philly
Y'all be killin me, for real on the really
Recognize the P, when you see he
sport the Kangol with N-I-K-E
Break me off a piece of that, Kit-Kat
You do the horse and make your Gucci wet
Came through the crowd, heard the brother booin
Said real low, 'Hey whatcha doin?'
Don't you know I've been rappin on tracks
since back in the days when tapes was eight-track
Relax and jump to it, like Duran Duran
Black as Buckwheat, still get a tan
Go over to your girl, hey what's yo' number
You and your crew must be Dumb

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