Gimme Dat Lyrics by Terror Squad

Terror Squad Lyrics

Gimme Dat Lyrics
Lock that f*ckin door, yo
Lock all that shit

[ VERSE 1: Armageaddon ]
Y'all muthaf*ckas can't hold me back
Holdin gats drunk off of cognac
Laughin at life and how my goal be makin the hoes react
Ridin in cars, out to get me eight full of shinin stars
Overwhelmin, any average rapper will find it hard
To deal with the way my Squad puts metal to flesh
We rebels to death, leakin body heat, decimals less
My shotie completes the measure of death
I'm hittin your chest
I'm only 1100 double threat, beware of the rest
Terror Squad's everywhere like weed smoke
If my pump shotie was sweet chokes
I'd twist the whole place with three strokes
Dump this ??? sawed-off barrel
I send your soul to follow the blast
And see how far the noise will travel
Big Eaddie's name never lost his value
I told you before on Joe's album
We been illin since the holy pharaohs
Run out of heat, I still burst you with bangers
Believe, me and violence connect and we have our own personal language

Money - gimme dat
Power - g-gimme dat
Guns - gimme dat
Freedom - g-gimme dat
Pussy - gimme dat
Drugs - g-gimme dat
( *shot* ) gimme dat
Respect, better gimme dat

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