Daydreamin' Lyrics by Tatyana Ali

Tatyana Ali Lyrics

Daydreamin' Lyrics
(feat. Lord Tariq and Peter Gunz)

All day long I think of you
I can't even think of things to do
Wishin all of my daydreams come true
Now baby what am I to do
Ohhh Ohhh ohhh whoe whoe

I think about yesterday
Somebody was talkin to me
But I could'ntunderstand a word they said
Not that I was tryin to be rude
But conversation could'ntmake it through
The thoughts of love I had for you

Baby your face takes up my time
Cause I can jus see your face with mine
I try to change my thoughts
It's a waste of time
You keep my mind Occupied


Tell me what am I to do
When I can only think of you
Even when I have simple things to do
Like talkin on tha telephone
Or watchin tv when somethins on
If It ain't about u then what's tha use



[Lord Tariq:]
Yo Yo yo
What's Up Girl you all grown up now
Doin ya singin thing tha charts sewed up now
Well you know I do my rap thing I'm Holdin it down
And I knew that me and you was gon connect some how
Your people called for this track ain't no trouble to me
I dreamt dat you and me got married on tha WB
You on Channel 11
I carry tha M-11
Rj call tha reverend it's a match made in heaven
Whateva have u I let u know I'm from soundview
Down till I found u
I tryin to be around u
I'm still comin up
Chasin tha fame and wealth
I could spoil u with time u got everything else

[Peter Gunz:]
I'm still New York to tha heart
But got love for all
When I first saw this girl
Dog I wanted to fall
Mean tha hummer so stunnin
Thought my bod was tint
And I wishin everyday that I was Fresh Like Prince
Then I came across my man Rj Parlayin in a 6
With Tatayana Ali Planin
I heard silly ann blackow and went wild
Yo tell me how can I get down
That's when they threw on a red eye To LA
I dirtyed my cash and peeps back
And hit Shaq on tha cellay
Courtside seats so close that we can touch
Tatayana and Lord and Peter Gunz Like what


I do
Think of
Oohh whooo
Daydreaming of you
Daydreaming of you
Daydreaming of you
Daydreaming of you

[Chorus: till fade]

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