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I Can Be (Remix) Lyrics
It's the one and only, what else?
It was the one the only what else?
Yea it's the one, the only, who else?
It's your girl Estelle you know...
I'm here with my dude like Taio Cruz...
Would be doin nuttin else...
You can be it;
Yea, you can be it; uh!

[Taio Cruz:]
Now I feel that this heart; of mine has
Taken many falls,
Still sometimes the rain; can turn into a
And the prettiest things, can come out
Of the coldest night... (yeaa-yeaah)
And even with broken wings; sometimes
You find your way to fly,
It's time to be...

Bigger, Bigger;
Stronger, Stronger;
Harder, Harder;
It's time to be...
Bigger, Bigger;
Stronger, Stronger;
Harder, Harder;
It's time to be...

Now I feel that this soul, of mine has
Had it's many tolls; (yeaa-yeaah)
Still sometimes the pain, is what we
Need for us to grow; (yeaa-yeaah)
So when it's time for me, to look into my
Deeper side... I will;
I will find a way, to hold onto the love
It's time to be...

[Chorus x2]

Yea I been through this, you know I've been through that...
I could talk about me, but you know all a' that;
I made it through the fire, got it down to the-wire...
Yea, they say I'm 'K-West' in the game;
Or, in the same game; I'm bigger. stronger. wiser. harder. realer. hyper. 'speak-my-minder'...
Now you believe me every-time; cause the last thing they thought was I'd be a 'truck climber'...
Na, I keep my head I'm cool. uh-huh; I put in work like school... yeah, n don't it feel so good, like you knew this would, yeah.
N I'm 'a keep on changin'... been around I'm 'a be around for ages... nuh-uh; n I'm 'a never be nameless. Yeah, and don't I feel so famous!

[Chorus x2]

I can be, I can be-e-ee...
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